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Motorhome Road Trip is committed to helping you plan the ultimate motorhome rental road trip, whether it’s in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, Europe, or anywhere else motorhomes are available to rent, buy or borrow. What sets this site apart from general travel sites is its unique perspective for motorhome and RV holidaymakers. Our busy team of motorhome travel editors, specialist self-drive itinerary planners and motorhome rental specialists have joined together to produce this definitive motorhome vacationer’s website. Read blogs from renowned motorhome experts, view motorhome self-drive itinerary suggestions for 40 countries, find campsites and dump stations, calculate road trip fuel costs, watch the latest motorhome travel videos, and pinpoint the best motorhome rental deals in over 700 worldwide locations. If you are serious about getting the most enjoyment out of your motorhome, campervan or RV rental holiday, start your journey with us at Motorhome Road Trip.

Meet Our Staff

Our specialist Motorhome consultants are based in Australasia and the United Kingdom, which means we are ready to help you 24 hours a day. Here are some of the people you will deal with when you book your motorhome rental with us.


Rohan Marx, General Manager

I have been General Manager of Motorhome Rental Republic, the operators of this website, for 4 years and with the company for 6 years starting as a Sales / Account Manager. Previous roles have included account manager and software architect for a web design firm, advertising sales across multiple media and television production. I’ve been lucky enough to go Motorhoming several times in Canada, USA and New Zealand so far and grew up going on caravanning holidays with Mum and Dad. The value and freedom Motorhoming offers are its two main drawcards for me. That and the envy on the other campers’ faces when you pull into a State Park campground with no hook ups in a 31’ Class C with double slide outs, on board generator, side awning, exterior entertainment unit and smoker unit for a 10kg salmon caught earlier that day.

Best Motorhome Tips: Don’t leave booking a Motorhome until the last minute, especially if you are looking to travel during peak or busy seasons as the chance of getting your first choice vehicle and travel dates greatly diminish as you get closer to your travel dates. So a second tip is not to book your flights before your Motorhome. You may have to adjust your travel dates slightly if Motorhome supply has become scarce and having flights in place may make it harder or more expensive for you to adjust these dates. Lastly, Motorhomes are typically cheaper for peak seasons if booked earlier, so don't try booking last minute in the hope of getting a last minute deal.

Amie Blaze, Reservations Manager

I am from San Jose, California and I have been in the travel industry for over 12 years. I have always loved to travel, I live for it. Traveling allows you to expand your thoughts about what the world is like outside of your own. I have learned so much from the places I've traveled. One thing's for sure, you'll never return the same as these experiences enrich your life. I have had the pleasure to travel to the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, South Pacific Islands, Hawaii, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Australia and of course New Zealand. Traveling by motorhome is a wonderful experience and a great way to see a new destination. It is also an economical way for families to travel and the kids love it!

Best MotorhomeTip: This tip is for families - make sure the vehicle you want to hire will allow baby/booster seats. Most motorhomes have restrictions on how many seats they will allow.

Dot McBride, Deputy Reservations Manager

I have extensive experience (30 years) dealing in car and motor home rentals. My sound travel industry knowledge gives me confidence to encourage travelers to holiday in comfort and safety with family and friends - its the only way to travel and see the countryside. I have traveled extensively in a motor home and am truly convinced, there is no better way to holiday. My experience as a car rental owner/operator gives me a realistic understanding of what can be expected and achieved to ensure your holiday is a memorable one.

I have traveled Coast to Coast across the US, around Australia and New Zealand and in the UK.

Let us take on the hassle of organizing the holiday of a lifetime and allow me to pass on first hand experiences and expectations!

Best Motorhome Tip: BOOK EARLY!!

Adnan Bharmal, Motorhome Specialist

I have been in the Motorhome industry with a strong background and understanding for the last 10 years. My expertise as a solution specialist gives me the background to guarantee you the best deals and the best suited motorhome for your Holiday. Our company offers you the best rates as our extensive buying power enables us to negotiate the best deals for you. As a customer you do not have any fees for the service provided. My travel experience also gives me the expertise to suggest the best you can make of your holiday.

Best Motorhome Tip: In Europe and North America, Motorhome Rental companies often charge a high fee for your Linen Kits. You can avoid high fees by bringing your own kits or buying it from a Tesco or a Walmart.( similar to the relevant country.) This can save you up to 40 dollars/euro per person.


Doug Brown, Europe Motorhome Rentals Sales Manager

I have been in the Motorhome industry for the best part of 6 years and with Motorhome Rental Republic for the last 18 months. I previously worked for the largest Motorhome rental company in the world as the New Zealand Sales Account Manager. I’ve traveled the length and width of New Zealand in many different categories of Motorhomes, in fact I don’t think there is a main state highway I haven’t driven. The love I have for Motorhomes is one of freedom and flexibility, doing what I want when I want. If I have a hankering for a cup of coffee in a beautiful scenic spot simply stop boil and enjoy….

Best Motorhome Tips: People often overlook hiring a Motorhome over the winter time. In my eyes this is the best time to hire a Motorhome. Rates are generally the best you can get and you’ll have the pick of your choice from the various categories. If you’re worried about the cold don’t be!! Most campervans have heating, some with under floor heating and double glazed windows (mainly Europe).

A Motorhome in the winter time is ideal for those who want to have a ski holiday, travel from mountain to mountain until you find that special place with that magic white powder or anyone that simply wants to take in the wonders and sights of a scenic magic land set in winter….
Remember freedom and flexibility to do what you want, where you want and when you want!

Anja Czechowska, Motorhome Consultant - German Language Specialist

After completing my Tourism Studies I have been working in many fields within the Tourism Industry for almost 4 years. I have been in New Zealand for 1.5 years, before that I had the opportunity to work in Dubai, Australia, Malta, Germany and in the UK. I have travelled to the USA, the whole lot of Asia, South Africa, countless European Countries as well as the South Pacific, Australia and many other interesting destinations. I absolutely loved my way of living in Australia where I bought myself a campervan and lived in it for 9 months. This is the absolute independent way of living and you can enjoy any sight as long as you want. It has opened up my eyes to a whole new and fantastic way of travelling and seeing a country .

Best Motorhome Tip: Get a 4WD campervan in Western Australia and ride up the rough Gibb River Road, encounter the many outstanding Australian sights, cross rivers and meet crocodiles

Andy Liu, Motorhome Data Manager - Chinese Language Specialist

I have been working here for 3 years and am currently the Data Manager. I love motorhome trips! It's cool to drive a motorhome because you can drive and rest whenever you want. My top motorhome trip destinations I recommend are North Queensland in Australia where you can experience tropical weather at the Great Barrier Reef; the South Island of New Zealand, which is the one of the most pure and clean places on the planet; Yellowstone National Park in United States which you definitely need to see before December 21 2012; and Southern France where you can eat and drink the most delicious food and wine in the comfort of your own motorhome.

Why are you still waiting?! Make a booking on this website and plan your own motorhome trip now!

Best Motorhome Tip: Dump your grey water tank and waste regularly if you don't want to drive and sleep in a smelly motorhome.

Alfredo De Marsico, Motorhome Consultant, Spanish Language Specialist

I love to travel, that's why I've been working within the Travel Industry for 20 years now. I lived in different places of Argentina, my country, in the US and finally, New Zealand, my new home. I have travelled around South America, Europe and United States and it is difficult for me to choose my favourite place. Every place has its own magic, every trip is a new adventure. And now, I'm helping our customers to choose the right motorhome so they can have the best holiday experience ever!

Best Motorhome Tip: When you rent a motorhome always check the All Inclusive option that the company offers. It usually includes everything you may need for your trip, including insurance, so you can get great value for you money!

Sue Seulua, UK based Motorhome Consultant

I have worked in the tourism industry for just over three years now, specialising in motorhome rentals. I have worked in New Zealand and am now currently based in the United Kingdom. Hiring a motorhome gives you more freedom and flexibility to travel around without having to worry about accommodation.

Best Motorhome Tip: If there are four of you travelling, you may want to consider hiring a 6 berth instead of a 4 berth as the extra room will make all the difference!

Rebecca Apelu, Motorhome Sales Consultant

I have been working in a motorhome rental specialist for the last three and half years. This is my first job since graduating from travel college and I LOVE IT! My travels have taken me to several parts of the US, Australia and also the beautiful pacific islands of Samoa, Tahiti, Rarotonga & Tonga.

Best Motorhome Tip: To avoid paying a big nasty bill at the end of your trip in the event of an accident, always take out insurance/Collision Damage Waiver.

Danielle Baniecivich, Motorhome Consultant

Hi I'm Danielle, I deal with a lot of the phone and email enquiriesl. I love working in customer service and enjoy helping our customers to plan their travel adventures. Motorhome hire is a great option for free independent travelers that don't want to be tied down to the restrictions of prearranged tours that do not allow travelers to be spontaneous and free spirited. I love travelling myself and have so far ventured all over New Zealand and over the ditch to Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Best Motorhome Tip: If you are travelling to or near the snow, add snow chains to your booking as an additional extra for safety purposes.

Kim Manlucu, Motorhome Consultant

I have worked as a motorhome travel consultant for around 5 years. Before I cam here, I was with Tourism Holdings who operate Maui, Britz and Backpacker fleets in Australia and New Zealand.

Within the 5 five years I've been in the travel and tourism industry, I have gone and seen different adventures that New Zealand, Australia and USA has to offer. To me, travelling to those adventures was easily enjoyed and cost effective with my Motorhome rental. Motorhomes or RVs are great for those who love the outdoors as you can travel at your own pace, enjoy views of each destination and stop at practically anywhere, any time. You have the freedom to design your own travel route in the comfort of your own fully equipped room.

Best Motorhome Tip: Why go through the hassle of multiple hotels and a car? You can do all that in one Motorhome booking.

Dajon Blaze, Motorhome Consultant

I'm from the United States and I have traveled from Europe to the South Pacific. What I enjoy most about being in the travel industry is the people I meet on my trips. I find other cultures fascinating and I enjoy hearing others viewpoints and thoughts and seeing how they live. Traveling has enriched my life. I have worked in the travel industry a short time, only 2 years, but I have enjoyed it because the people are happy and excited to plan their holiday and I enjoy being the the one that can help them.

Best Motorhome Tip
Make sure that when someone is going over the briefing of the vehicle, that you ask lots of questions. This will make you feel more comfortable that you know how to operate the vehicle effectively.

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