Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier

Photo by Javiery (wikimedia commons)

10 Fantastic Places to Visit on Your Campervan Holiday

Photo by Mitsuhirato (wikimedia commons)A vineyard outside of Mendoza Photo by Mitsuhirato (wikimedia commons)

Are you ready for adventure?  Have you packed your thermals, your dancing shoes, and your waterproofs?  It’s a good job you’re in a motorhome rental or campervan hire, you don’t want to be unpacking all that night after night!

Here are the top ten places to visit on you motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday in Argentina.

Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America; with great food, great fashion, and lots of beautiful people.  This is the place to visit if you enjoy architecture, and of course the tango.  Have a lesson, or if you have two left feet make sure you visit one of the tango shows.

If you love animals visit the Valdez Peninsula wildlife reserve.  This is where you can go whale watching, visit sea lion colonies, see elephant seals, and a colony of over 1.5 million Magellan Penguins.

Travel back in time with a visit to the Perito Moreno and El Calafate glaciers.  These glaciers date back to the….Ice Age, pack some warm clothing and you flask of hot chocolate before hiking one of the trails across the ice.

Visit the UNESCO World heritage site of Quebrada de Humahuaca, once an important part of the Inca Empire.  The deep valley which was carved by the Rio Grande gave the area its name Quebrada meaning ‘break’.

Mendoza is the place to visit if you love wine.  Take a tour of the bodegas for a cellar tour and a tasting, but make sure you leave your motorhome rental or campervan hire at the site.  

Iguaçu Falls is no doubt one of the most well known tourist sights in the whole country.  Experience the rumble as the water rushes past.  There are lots of trails and hikes to take around the falls, or if you prefer a boat ride to Brazil.

Spend some time in the Lake District and you’ll think you're in Switzerland.  There are lots of small towns to visit, as well as taking to the mountains for some great walking, there’s even an old express train and a trail used by butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

For a very different experience visit the very north west of the country around Salta, here you take the train into the clouds, quite literally, as this is where you will find one of the highest railways in the world.  

Visit the most southerly city in the world, Ushuaia.  The city is built on the banks of the Beagle channel and very remote, as you would expect!  

Save the beat ‘till last.  It is cheating a little as its Antarctica, and theoretically a continent of its own, not Argentinean at all, but you won’t find it in any of the other destinations, so it’s included here.  Take an expedition into the Antarctic Circle, not in you motorhome of course, but an icebreaker.  This is only for those with serious amounts of money to spend, but you can always dream…..

For all those who love to dream, a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle is a very comfortable way of visiting those places you’ve always dreamt of.  


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