Quebrada de Humahuaca

Quebrada de Humahuaca

Photo by Luca Galuzzi (wikimedia commons)

Getting off the Beaten Track

Photo by Idobi (WIkimedia Commons)Monumento a la independencia, Humahuaca Photo by Idobi (WIkimedia Commons)

When you move away form the cities and the main tourist sights towards the countryside of Argentina, you are never far away from somewhere considered off the beaten track.  The mountains and valleys of the north and the glaciers of the south add up to be a massive area that is unspoilt and relatively untouched.  Here are a few places to try out on your motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday in Argentina.

In the north west of Argentina is the narrow mountain valley of Quebrada de ‘Humahuaca.  Quebra means ‘broken’ and describes the 155Km ravine which is home to the city of Humahuaca and the Rio Grande which flows during the summer.
The area is quite remote, so even though it is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, you will never feel crowded.  The area has been used as a settlement for over 10,000 years and was part of the Inca route during the 15th century; it also linked the viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata to the viceroyalty of Peru.  There are some spectacular mountain landscapes along the quebrada and if you travel just above Purmamarca; where there is an excellent market, to Sierra de Siete Colores, you will be rewards with an incredible vista.  As well as the views, there are the remains of a fortress at Tilcara, and some lovely old churches at Yavi and Uquia.  If you want another of those great road trips, then take the road to Iruya which has some wonderful scenery along the way, and when you arrive at this beautiful mountain village, you will be rewarded again with some outstanding views.

South – Vegetarians beware!!
The town of Villa Regina is set on the edge of the Patagonia region on the Rio Negro valley.  Here you can experience a real small town where people are happy just going about their business, shutting up shop for lunch, and then enjoying a siesta in the heat of the day, its so relaxing you won’t want to leave!

Find yourself a spot by the river, buy some meat and spicy chorizo; that’s all the locals eat, they don’t bother with vegetables too often, a few bottles of local wine, and that’s it, eat, drink, and sleep.  

When you’ve had enough of relaxing head out to the ‘Laguna Nimes’ or Municipal Nature Reserve, this is where birds migrate to for the summer.  Here you can take self-guided walks through the reserve to see all kinds of wildfowl including ducks and geese, swans, coots, flamingos and ibis

These are not the only places described as off the beaten track, for other suggestions see ‘The best road trips’, which are also considered off the beaten track, in your motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle.

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