Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

Photo by Claudio Elias (wikipedia commons)

Motorhoming in Iguazu

Photo by bergie (Flickr Creative Commons)Itaipu Dam at night Photo by bergie (Flickr Creative Commons)

Most people of heard of Iguazu because of its most famous attraction, the Iguazu falls or Foz Iguazu, which spans both Brazil and Argentina.  Apart from the falls there are a few other things to do in the area; here are just two suggestions for you motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday to Iguazu.

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As you would expect there are lots of options for tourists visiting the falls, there are even upmarket hotels where you can stroll through the gardens to the falls themselves.  The majority of tourists come here on package tours, staying a couple of nights, so they are accommodated in either hotels, or hostels.  There is however one campsite called Complejo Turistico Americano Puerto Iguazu, just off the Rn12, 3Km from the town.  This site is a really good standard, it even has its own pool and restaurant, it gets busy so if you do want to stay here try and book in advance.

Top things to see and do

The major attraction is, of course, the Foz Iguazu so we’ll start there.  Many people say the Argentinean side of the falls is a much better experience than the Brazilian side as there are less people, and you can get a lot closer to the water.  Take the train from the entrance to the walkway which is metal grating, so no high heels!  En-route you pass through lush greenery which is home to hundreds of pretty butterflies and some crocodiles too.  When you arrive at the falls there is an option to take a boat ride, for this you need to descend a rather rocky pathway to the mooring station.  This is where you can go right through the waterfalls, so remember to bring a change of clothing and some waterproofs; you do however get a life jacket and a waterproof bag for you camera.  If you prefer to stay dry there are also guided tours through the forest which are very interesting.

Continuing on a watery theme, the Itaipu Dam is one of the world's largest dams with the largest hydroelectric output in the world.  The dam provides power for not only Argentina but Brazil and Paraguay as well; there are displays in the visitors centre and a free bus tour of the facility.  For visitors who want more in depth information, there is a technical behind the scenes tour which includes a visit inside the dam itself.

There are more places to visit on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday in Iguazu, but as many people only stay here for a couple of days, these are probably the best places, and something you won’t see anywhere else, unless you go to Brazil of course!

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