Rosario-Victoria Bridge

Rosario-Victoria Bridge

Photo by Pablo D. Flores (wikipedia commons)

Motorhoming in Rosario

Photo by Pablo D. Flores (wikipedia commons)National Flag Memorial Photo by Pablo D. Flores (wikipedia commons)

The city of Rosario is a modern and rapidly developing city on the Paraná River, 300 Km northwest of Buenos Aires.  The city is booming thanks to new developments, and is attracting some high tech companies out of the capital to relocate to a more relaxed city.  

As well as the mainland Rosario has some lovely lush islands thanks to the river delta, making a great place to explore on a motorhome rental or campervan holiday in the Argentina.  The centre is a curious mixture of styles, you may think you’re in Spain or Italy as the architecture and statues are very European, the other great draw are the city’s bars and restaurants along the waterfront, offering great food at excellent prices, and some of the best steak houses anywhere.  
If you’re someone who likes to keep in touch whilst you’re away, the city’s modern port offers free WiFi throughout the port area, so set up camp somewhere there and you can email to your hearts content!

Services for Motorhome Rental vehicles.
As you can imagine for a modern city keen on attracting tourists, Rosario has a number of campsites.  Visitors with a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle won’t be able to visit the ones on the islands, but there are quite a number to choose from on the mainland banks of the river such as Los Benitos, Puerto Pirata, and El Torreon Camping.  You’ll never be short of somewhere to stay.

Top things to see and do

Take a cruise up the river to the Florida Bridge, passing by some beautiful beaches on the way.  La Florida itself has some very nice beaches to spend time relaxing on, and it is said that the street vendors have some of the best Churi Gol and Churi Pan anywhere.

Learn Argentina’s most famous dance, the tango.  Either take a private lesson, or just turn up at one of the clubs, there will always be someone willing to teach you.  Even if you don’t take part, go and watch, it’s beautiful.  

Visit the house where Che Guevara, spent his childhood, you’re almost compelled to buy a t-shirt.

Visit the Argentine flag memorial in the centre of the city on the banks of the river, a complex of around 10,000 square meters built of stone from the Andes.  
Rosario could almost be an off the beaten track for ‘foreign’ visitors on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday in Argentina.  The locals know of this up and coming laid back resort, but as a tourist, you will be amongst only a few, make the best of it!

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