Aussie Lingo

A bit strong: a hurtful remark or action
Arse over tit: fall over
Ankle biter: young child
Ay? pardon?
Aggro: aggravated or aggressive
Apple eater: someone who lives in the state of Tasmania (apple growing state)
Arvo: afternoon
Barbie: barbecue cooking outdoors
Banana bender: some who lives in the state of Queensland
Bloke: Australian male, generally quite rugged
True blue: genuinely Australian
Having a blue: having a fight or argument
Battler: works hard to earn a living
You little beauty, that's beaut: excited approval
Bloody oath: absolutely
Bottle-o: alcohol store
Boomer: kangaroo
Billabong: a waterhole
Bathers: swimming costume
Berko: angry in a unreasonable way
Bunyip: mythical spirit creature from outback
Boogie board: half-sized surf board for bodysurfing
Blower: telephone
Bugger me dead! extreme shock at something
Bugger off! go away
Blotto: intoxicated
Bog: the toilet
Chook: chicken
Chinwag: a good chat
Croweater: someone who lives in South Australia where there are lots of crows
Crikey: surprise at something
Corroboree: Aboriginal festival dance
Cossie: swimming costume (NSW)
Crack onto to: make a pass at/chat up
Crook: ill/bad/criminal
Dunny: toilet
Dinki-di: something originating from Downunder
Dobber: tattletale
Daggy: Unfashionable
Didjeridoo: Aboriginal wind musical instrument
Docket: a bill, receipt
Dodgy: a bit suspect/not quite right/badly made
Durry: cigarette
Dacks: trousers or shorts
Doona: like a quilt, used instead of blankets (containing feathers and down)
Esky: large insulated box to keep food and drink cold
Fibber: liar
Fairdinkum: someone really genuine/really/the truth/good
Fair enough: OK, you are right
Fossicking: hunting for gemstones (usually opals or sapphires)
Footy: “Aussie Rules” football
Flake: shark meat, used in fish and chip shops
Galah: loud, rudely behaved person
Gas: Usually LPG, not petrol
G'day: a friendly welcome (same as hello or hi)
Goon: cheap cask or boxed wine
Good on ya mate! you are happy with their words or actions
Grey nomad: someone spending their retirement travelling round Australia
Gumsucker: someone who lives in the state of Victoria
Hoo-roo: goodbye
Jackaroo or Jillaroo: trainee male or female Cattle Station hand
Jaffle: toasted sandwich
Joker: a male person who you are unsure about
Kip: short rest or sleep or nap
Kiwi: a New Zealander
Lolly: money OR candy
Long neck: large bottle of beer
LPG cylinders: propane tanks
Mate: friend
Matilda: sleeping bag or bedroll for camping out
Milk bar: convenience store
Min Min: mysterious lights at night in the outback
Mexican: someone from the state of Victoria
Nulla-nulla: wooden club used by Aborigines (made from very heavy and hard wood called Blackbut)
Nong: idiot
Ocker: uncultured Aussie that likes beer, sport and women
Oz: Australia
Prang: automotive crash
Pull your head in: mind your own business/behave
Raw prawn: easy to deceive
Pearler: excellent thing
Paw-paw: Queensland tropical papaya fruit
Push-bike: bicycle
Righto: OK
Rellie: relative or family
A ripper: it's really great
Rack off: go away, get lost
Rapt: overjoyed
Ropable: angry
Sanger: Sandwich
Sandgroper: someone who lives in the state of Western Australia
Stone the crows! shock at something
Smoko: a break, usually something to eat and drink, and/or have a cigarette
She'll be right! everything will be OK
Strewth: shock at something
Sheila: a woman (not really used any more other than by old timers)
Snag: sausage (put a snags on the barbie) 
Spud: a potato
Stubby: small bottle of beer OR a pair of mens shorts
Scallops: fried potato cakes (Qld/N.S.W), shellfish (elsewhere)
Strine: a lot of Aussie slang said at once/”Australian” said in an Aussie accent
Swag: canvas bag or cover you keep your belongings and bedroll in when camping
Strides: trousers
Slab: pack of 24 cans of beer
Servo: service/petrol station for cars
Singlet: under shirt, vest or tank top
Ta: thanks
Tucker: food
Tinnie: can of cold beer or an aluminum boat
Thongs: sandals made from rubber/flip flops
True blue: really Australian
Tea: evening meal
Tee up: organise or arrange something
Too easy: that went well or I can do that, it will be easy
Too right! something is absolutely right
Top-ender: someone who lives in the Northern Territory
Tallie: 750ml large bottle of beer
Uni: University/College
Ute: utility/pickup truck
Wag: skip school, truancy
Woop woop: somewhere a long way from civilization
Hard yakka: hard work
A yarn: a story that may or may not be true
Have a yarn: have a conversation
Yobbo: a redneck, a slob
Zed: Z, last letter of the alphabet

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