Fuel Efficient Campervanning in New Zealand

Posted on 28 August 2009

Campervan Hire New ZealandSome campervan hire companies really are aware of the cost of running their vehicles, and choose to hire out campervans which provide better fuel economy.

One example is Enviro Campers operator THL, who also take environmental responsibility very seriously -- in conjunction with VTNZ, New Zealand's leading vehicle testing company, THL has introduced a rigorous vehicle emissions standards test - the VTNZ Five Star benchmark - which far exceeds the equivalent European emission standards.

But campervans also need some help driver-side to be fuel efficient and lessen the environmental impact. Here are some tips for fuel-efficient driving; they're really simple and you'll be surprised at the savings you'll make when campervanning around New Zealand. By the way, if you're looking for a fantasic deal on New Zealand campervan hire go to http://campervanhirenz.co.nz.

Here are some tips:
  • Avoid short trips
  • Drive smoothly
  • Lay off the gas when driving around town
  • Accelerate smoothly and slowly away from green lights
  • Stop gradually for red lights.
  • Change gear early (but don't tax the engine)
  • Don't accelerate hard from rest, but let the car move off gently.
  • Maintain a safe following distance -- if you look ahead and check what's happening, you'll keep at a more constant speed
  • Ease off the pedal if the traffic lights, speed limit or traffic flow is about to change.
  • It's better to slow down early rather than brake late
  • Corners -- slow gently, exit the corner on a light throttle.
  • Build up speed before an uphill stretch and lift off the throttle as you top the hill
  • Only use air conditioning when absolutely necessary as it tends to eat fuel
  • Keep your load down
  • Don't park for long periods with your engine idling

For more tips, check out the AA New Zealand's Motoring Tips

Video: New Zealand by Motorhome

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