Cool Campers and RVs

Posted on 20 July 2010

We're all used to seeing classic campervans on the road--usually in neutral colours with spacious interiors meant for discoveries and great vacations. While these RVs are great, not all campervans are of the rental variety and there are many out there that have been customized to fit their owners' needs. Bright colours, unique shapes and great add-ons feature in all of these cool campers and RVs, many of which were customized through ingenious do-it-yourself projects by those who drive them.

Unique campervan designs abound these days with people more eager than ever to own something completely different and customized to their personal needs. The bright orange van above is kitted out with a tent, perfect for those weekend getaways in the woods.

Also featured on the Kustom Bart Blog is this Tom Cyr-built creation. Built on a VW chassis, this unique design is called the Phoenix II and has many upgrades over the original Phoenix Kitvan. We're talking automatic transmission, better door access and a six-cylinder Covair engine. The cool driver and passenger doors are just the icing on the cake.

Another impressive motorhome project is this overhaul featured on The Bus Project. The site's founders chronicle their journey in transforming a regular double-decker public bus into their ideal family home on wheels.

The finished product is both bright and spacious. When on the road this bus certainly announces its arrival. The look is not only fun and lively, but the interior space makes it possible to take the vehicle on long roadtrips, which include the members of the two families who have undertaken this mammoth renovation project.

The interior of the refurbished bus is decorated in tasteful neutrals and includes all the comforts of home. The families faced some major challenges, including incorporating the necessary equipment to facilitate ease of travel for one of their children, who has special needs.

The motorhome includes a comfortable seating area to watch TV, play games and enjoy family time. It also features bedrooms and a well-stocked galley kitchen that means the families can be completely self-sufficient when on the road.

Avid traveller and computer technician Stephen Stewart created this tank of a campervan to continue his exploration of the world by road. Stewart built a body made of GRP and plywood onto this Unimog U1300L, which used to be an army vehicle. No doubt one of the more fierce motorhomes on the road today, Stewart's creation includes a shower room, kitchen and living area.

Quite a change from the heavy-duty campervan above this camel-powered vehicle was photographed by the good people at Pure Travel near Alice Springs in Australia. Slightly less powerful than your usual RV this campervan is clearly for those who enjoy life in the slow lane.

If you've been inspired by these cool campervans and design wizards who have made their RVs into vehicles that are perfect for them, then you might consider the project undertaken by a couple from Vancouver. On their I Am S.A.M. the Van blog the duo supply a glimpse into the steps for their DIY campervan sofabed.

As an alternative to their van's rooftop tent the couple used wood, hinges and power tools to fashion a bed that can be used for both sleep and storage. Proof that a little ingenuity and elbow grease can make your campervan into everything you want and more.

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