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Handy List of RV Parks in California

Posted on 30 June 2009

Cheap RV Rental California Here's a list of some of the best RV parks in California, sourced from

If you're looking for cheap RV rental in California, take a look at There are always some good deals to be had here for international visitors to California -- you can get a two berth motorhome from USD $48.36, a 3-berth from USD $48.36 and a 5 or 6 berth from USD $56.05.

The list on includes links to:
  • Baja RV Parks
  • San Diego RV Parks
  • Orange County RV Parks
  • LA RV Parks
  • California Deserts RV Parks
  • California Coast RV Parks
  • Central California RV Parks
  • Gold Country RV
  • Sierra RV Parks
  • High Sierra RV Park
  • Eastern Sierra RV Park
  • San Francisco RV Park
  • Wine Country RV Parks
  • North California Coast RV
  • RV Parks North California
  • Shasta RV Park
  • Trinity RV Park
  • RV Park Klamath
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World's Largest Motorhomes - Germany

Posted on 30 June 2009

cheap motor home rental germanyThis articulated motorhome from Germany lays claim to being one of the world's largest. In fact it was in the 1997 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as just that -- the largest motorhome in the world.

Called Der Bus, the motorhome has two decks with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, guest berth and bathroom all on the upper deck. The lower deck consists of the driver area, eight passenger seats, a conference area, reception, bar, garage and storage room. It's up for sale too, to see more images go to

Plug time -- if you're looking for great deals on motorhome rental in Germany -- and let's face it, most of us don't need a motorhome this big! -- go to

Deals include two, three and four berth motorhomes from €67.52, five berth motorhomes from €77.29 and six berth motorhomes from €92.73. Click here to book online and take advantage of these great deals.

Thief Steals a Caravan with a bonus surprise

Posted on 22 June 2009

... the bonus being a sleeping owner! here's the story and the source

A thief made off with a caravan in Skövde in southern Sweden on Saturday night. To his surprise he later found that the caravan's owner was asleep inside at the time.

The hapless thief took his chance to make off with the caravan parked at Billingsluttningen in Skövde by connecting it to the back of his car, according to Sveriges Radio Skaraborg.

But little did he know that he was also taking the caravan's owner along for an impromptu nightime drive.

The thief discovered his unwelcome booty only after making his getaway, when he pulled over and attempted to force entry into the mobile home.

The caravan's owner, who had been abruptly woken from his slumber when his holiday abode had been fastened to the thief's car, then screamed at the would-be intruder.

The resultant shock was enough to persuade the thief to flee the scene, empty-handed.

Skövde police have been supplied with a full report of the incident and have classified the crime as attempted theft and endangerment.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson ( 8 656 6518)

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Camper Australien und Camper Neuseeland? Jawohl!

Posted on 19 June 2009

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? - sorry I don't don't but iMall Brands has launched a couple of new German Language sites - check them out if your mother tongue is Deutsch!

UK locals find Motorhome Rental Deals

Posted on 10 June 2009

Here's an article from the about the state of Motorhoming in the UK
"The credit crunch has been brilliant for us," he said. "People can't afford to go abroad so they are looking for a cheaper alternative.
"It can cost about £3,000 to take a family of six to Spain for a holiday but they can rent a motorhome for less than a third of that including site fees and insurance.
"The weak pound means that we are also getting more people from continental Europe because their euros go a lot further in this country than in their own."
Mr Conneely said his customers were "all types - retired people, young couples and families", many of whom were trying motorhomes for the first time.
"They like the freedom that a motorhome gives to move around without spending a fortune," he said.
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Latest News for USA RV Rental this Summer

Posted on 2 June 2009

rv rental
Here's latest round of RV Rental News in the States, most of it looks good for the RV Rental in the USA.

Allstar Coaches is reporting a whopping 124% increase in bookings versus last year on their Florida RV rentals and predicts a record breaking summer season. Allstar also reports their California and Pennsylvania rentals are up dramatically as well since opening additional locations in those states.
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Because of record high fuel prices, last year wasn't such a good year for RV rentals. But even though the economy went sour, many people are paying hundreds to even thousands of dollars to rent an RV this holiday weekend.
read more here:

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