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Senior PHP Developer, 10,000+ miles away

Posted on 21 September 2010

So you know you’re a great PHP programmer and you want work that keeps your life interesting. Then why do something really radical - turn your world upside down and shift down under to New Zealand and work with us!

iMall Brands is world class e-commerce company based in Auckland, New Zealand and we’re currently on the hunt for 5 senior PHP programmers. We have 80 staff worldwide, with offices in Auckland, Melbourne, London and Shenzhen, but most of the dev is done in Auckland because it's a nice place to live.

What we offer:
  • Your airfares to New Zealand paid and help to sort out your work NZ work visa/residency.
  • A competitive wage of 85k NZD
  • A desk in our outstanding offices in downtown Auckland
  • Colleagues who know what they’re doing - our programming team is small but prodigious, consisting of 1 Slovenian, 2 Russians, 1 Chinese and a Kiwi. We also outsource to programmers all over the planet.
  • A 'sweet as' laid back kiwi lifestyle with beaches and barbecues never to far away!

About the job:
As an integral part of this IT team, you will be responsible for maintaining and developing the company' current in house applications. You need the ability to multi-task, have strong technical knowledge and a sense of humor!

Requirements for this role:
  • Minimum of 3-4 years PHP development experience, with a strong focus on PHP 5 development and OO development practices.
  • Experience in application development (not just websites, but applications)
  • MySQL database administration
  • HTML, CSS, UI Design experience. You must have a sound understanding of best practice cross-browser support and Web standards based development.
  • Experience in client-server application development.
  • Experience in Javascript/AJAX development, especially with the JQuery and MooTools frameworks.
  • Experience with development support tools such as SVN, Wiki based documentation tools and project management software.
  • Good understanding of Linux/Unix systems and IP networking.
  • Strong attention to detail - especially around application security and standards.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential.
  • Logical, methodical and accurate work practices

Tasks Include:

  • building, testing and implementing approved work requests and projects
  • correctly developing systems and system changes that meet user requirements
  • ensuring that coding and testing is performed correctly
  • following and understanding existing processes
  • working effectively and contributing to the overall success of own team
If you’re interested email us at

Marxi knows Motorhomes

Posted on 20 September 2010

Rohan 'Marxi' Marx, the General Manager of iMall Motorhomes knows a bit about Motorhomes. He's started a new blog at where he plans to periodically excellent info about tips to booking motorhomes.
Book your RV before your flights
Do not book your flights first especially if you are travelling inside of 2 months. There are far less RVs available in the USA than there are seats on planes coming into and out of the country! By all means investigate flights before booking your RV, but make sure you have secured an RV before confirming your flights. You may find that your first choice RV rental is not available but your agent has come back to you with alternative suggestions that may have variation in the pick up or drop off dates or even locations. If you have booked your flights first you may now find it hard or expensive to change these to enable you to take the alternative RV rental suggested. Many people make this mistake and end up having flights booked but never secure an RV.

Further to above, do not wait for cheap last minute deals on flights before booking an RV. Your chances of securing an RV that fits between your return flight dates and locations is greatly diminished the closer you get to your RV travel dates. And what money you save on a cheaper last minute flight will be more than swallowed up by a more expensive rental price on the RV which typically increases as your travel dates get closer to booking dates.

Right now its peak booking season for New Zealand Campervan Hire and Australia Campervan Hire. If you want to enjoy these beautiful parts of the world in a motorhome - get your motorhome booking arranged first or deal with heartache later!

Check out Campervan Hire Sale Finder New Zealand or Campervan Hire Sale Finder Australia for the best deals!

Bish's RV Challenge: What's Better than a Motorhome Rental? A Chance to Win Your Own RV!

Posted on 16 September 2010

What would you do to win an RV and the freedom that the open road holds? The twelve contestants currently participating in Bish's RV Challenge in Idaho Falls, Idaho are about to find out just how far they'll go to win. The Survivor-style contest will see the twelve camping out in RVs in an enclosed area with two people voted off each day after the group competes in various challenges. Each contestant is allowed a sleeping bag, the clothes on their back and one personal item. The big prize? A 2011 Dutchmen travel trailer from Bish's.

Tour Beaches in Brisbane, Australia by Campervan

Posted on 14 September 2010

If you decide to take a drive with your motorhome rental along Queenston's Gold and Sunshine Coasts, both within driving distance of the city of Brisbane, you will find a variety of different beaches to choose from. Among the many are Nudgee and Sandgate, Sunshine Beach and Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, and Surfers' Paradise and Main Beach on the Gold Coast.

Nudgee Beach

Eighteen kilometres from Brisbane proper you will find the famous Nudgee Beach. Surrounded by mangroves and bordered by the Boondall Wetlands and Gateway Motorway, Nudgee feels deliciously isolated from the bustling city nearby. Settle in the sand to witness a great sunrise, take in the bike track or visit one of the local restaurants or cafes for a meal and some ice cream. This small hamlet has been rehauled as of late with many of the old beach shacks having been replaced by luxe and modern versions. If you'd like to peruse a few shops then nearby Banyo Village or Sue's Corner are your best bets.

Coolum Beach

On the Sunshine Coast about an hour from Brisbane is gorgeous Coolum Beach. Named for the headless Mount Coolum, which can be seen from most points in the area and can be hiked in about half an hour, the beach is a perfect spot for surfing and swimming. Parks, a boardwalk and an esplanade complete the beach experience of this seaside town.

Surfers' Paradise Beach

The winner of many awards Surfers' Paradise is a perfect destination for many things including, of course, surfing. About 78 kilometres from Brisbane here you can enjoy clean waters and sandy shores before heading to Cavill Avenue and Cavill Mall for some shopping.

Tour Beaches in Perth, Australia by Campervan

Posted on 14 September 2010

Australian beaches are renowned the world over for their beauty and the 12,000 kilometres of sandy coastline in and around the Western city of Perth is no exception. From Cottesloe to The Basin, Scarborough to Mettams Pool the choices are really endless in the city that is said to offer 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. Hop in your Perth motorhome rental and take the Sunset Coast Tourist drive to explore as few or as many of these stunning beaches as you choose.

Cottesloe Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Perth is Cottesloe, located about fifteen minutes from the city proper it is perfect for the three Ss--swimming, surfing and snorkeling. The Cottesloe coastline is lined with imposing Norfolk pines and is dotted with lively restaurants and cafes. Enjoy the clean waters of the Indian Ocean and the great times to be had at the beach's Sunday Sessions when beach bars and pubs are filled with music, drink and happy beach goers. Enjoy a great sunset? Cottesloe has those, too.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough is a beach mainly populated by surfers and the younger set who flock to its sandy shores for swimming, body boarding and wind surfing. After sunset Scarborough Beach's restaurants and cafes come alive, but you can also opt for an outdoor picnic, public barbecue or an event at the outdoor amphitheatre.

Trigg Island Beach

Want great surf breaks? Then point your Perth motorhome rental towards Trigg Island Beach and drive! Here you will find throngs of surfers enjoying the benefits of the offshore reef break and swimmers basking in the clear turquoise waters. The largely untouched Mettam's Pool is not to be missed and is perfect for snorkelers. Trigg Island is also great for fishing, bird watching and even dolphin spotting, if you're lucky.

The Basin

Rottnest is Western Australia's premiere island and here you will find The Basin, just one of 63 beaches on the island. The Basin was named the top beach in Australia, a designation that pretty much says it all. An untouched paradise of perfectly clear water and velvet-soft sand The Basin is a haven for vacationers.

Whether you are looking for great surfing, calm waters or fabulous diving Perth certainly has a beach for you, as well as a variety of other activities to enjoy. Check out Campervan Hire Perth to find great deals on motorhome rentals and start planning your getaway today.

Image Sources:
1. Photo of Trigg Island Beach by Pete.Martin (Wikimedia Commons)
2. Photo of Cottesloe Beach by Bram Souffreau (Wikimedia Commons)
3. Photo of Scarborough Beach by Gajjitt (Wikimedia Commons)
4. Photo of Mettam’s Pool, Trigg Island Beach by Tsun-Thai Chai (Wikimedia Commons)
5. Photo of The Basin, Rottnest Island by Hesperian (Wikimedia Commons)

Tour Beaches in Sydney, Australia by Campervan

Posted on 14 September 2010

The beautiful beaches in Sydney aren't limited to the city's Pacific Ocean coastline. On the contrary, if you visit the city you'll find white sand along stretches of Sydney's harbours, rivers and bays as well. A city famous for its sunny climate and laid back vibe, Sydney is always attracting travellers looking to kick back on one of its many beaches. If travelling through the city in your Sydney motorhome rental you will have a myriad of beaches to choose from. There are the "ocean beaches," which are divided into the Northern (found at the north point of Sydney Harbour) and the Southern, located in Cronulla and the city's eastern suburbs, as well as ones found in various bays and harbours. From famous names like Bondi and Manly (where there are really eight beaches to be enjoyed) to stretches of sand in Botany Bay and along the Hawkesbury River the only problem you'll have in Sydney is choosing which beaches to visit.

Bondi Beach

In the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, only kilometres from the city's financial centre, you will find the world famous Bondi Beach. Here you can enjoy sand, surf and sun, as well as many other beach sports like volleyball. And if you're lucky you may be able to spot whales, dolphins and even fairy penguins. For those who like some shop with their surf head to Campbell Parade and the streets nearby where you'll find happening restaurants and cafes that offer stunning views of the beach. Bondi is also famous for its lifesaving clubs, which have pioneered lifesaving techniques like the surf reel. Do beware, however, of the "Backpackers' Express," the famous rip current on the south side of the beach.

Coogee Beach

Also located among the Eastern suburbs, between Clovelley Road, Carrington Road and Rainbow Street, is the beautiful Coogee Beach, Tasman Sea and Coogee Bay. This area is densley populated with more apartments than freestanding dwellings and is a popular destination for backpackers. The coastline around the beach is made up of cliffs of decreasing heights and the sea below is mostly saved from rough waters by the rocky reef known as Wedding Cake Island. At the northern end of the shore you can head down the steps towards Dolphin Point where there is a rock pool and a bronze sculpture commemorating the victims of the 2002 terrorist attack in Bali. Swimmers do need to be aware of the rapid drop off that occurs at Coogee and for the possibility of rip currents.

Manly Beach

Tourists flock to the Sydney suburb of Manly to experience its miles of sandy shoreline. From Manly and North Steyne Beach to Queenscliffe and beyond you can find gorgeous spots to park your Sydney campervan hire and enjoy the day. Keep an eye out for Manly's iconic Norfolk Island pine trees, which the area is famous for. For some added fun head to The Corso, which stretches from Manly Wharf to Manly Beach along the harbour. This commercial area is filled with shops, restaurants and cafes to be enjoyed. To the west of Manly is Sydney Harbour, where you will find an aquarium, opportunities for sailing, and calm waters for swimming. In October the city holds its annual Jazz Festival, the largest community jazz event in the country.

Balmoral Beach

Balmoral is located in New South Wales in the suburb of Mosman and is famous for its beaches, namely Balmoral and Edwards Beaches. Here you will find luxe homes around the Balmoral Slopes area, prestigious because of the gorgeous views the area offers and its proximity to the ocean's sandy shores. Both Edwards and Balmoral are often referred to as just Balmoral and are divided by the a rock formation aptly named Rocky Point. There are harbour beaches here, too, protected from the ocean by Middle Head. This area of beach, along with the Rotunda, Bathers' Pavilion and walking promenade are filled with fig trees, greenery and natural beauty and have been a protected conservation area since the 1930s. If you want good food and some non-watery fun then its The Esplanade area adjacent to the beach that you want. Here you can find fast food or a la carte and lots of people watching as well as some great sunsets.

Whether you choose Bondi or Balmoral or one of the other many beaches in and around Sydney, you can't go wrong choosing the area for your beach motorhome vacation. To start your planning check out Sydney Motorhome Hire for great deals on a campervan rental, then select your beach and go!

Image Sources:
1. Photo of Bondi Beach by Rabs003 (Wikimedia Commons)
2. Photo of Bondi Icebergs Club by Diego Trazzi, (Wikimedia Commons)
3. Photo of Coogee Beach by Mynameisben123 (Wikimedia Commons)
4. Photo of Manly Beach by Enoch Lau (Wikimedia Commons)
5. Photo of Balmoral Beach by Merbabu (Wikimedia Commons)

New Zealand Campervan Hire!

Posted on 6 September 2010

Campervan Hire Sale Finder has got some great deals on New Zealand Motorhome Rental. While the North American Season is coming to a close, now is the time to book your Motorhome Rental for New Zealand.

For some great information on Motorhoming in New Zealand check out our Motorhome Roadtrip site. Its packed with heaps of useful information about travelling in this Beautiful country.

photo from

You don't have to blow your budget visiting New Zealand, check out some of the great deals for Campervan Hire New Zealand:

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Acadia Maine Autumn 3 Day RV Itinerary

Posted on 6 September 2010

With early days of Autumn, why not check out one of America's best loved National Parks - Acadia National park in Maine. Read about our three day Acadia Motorhome Itinerary or go online and check out the Acadia region itself!

Enjoy some photos:

If you are looking for more drives for Autumn Motorhome Rental, check out

Blue Ridge Parkway RV Roadtrip

Posted on 1 September 2010

Autumn is just around the corner and some would say that there is no better place to go leaf - peeping that the Blue Ridge Parkway. For those who aren't local, the Blue Ridge Parkway is 755 km (thats 469 miles) of some of the most beautiful driving that the United States has the offer. If you love roadtrips and you love nature, this is the perfect motorhome escape for you. Check out Motorhome Roadtrip for details planning your Blue Ridge Parkway roadtip.

Enjoy some of these image from this glorious stretch of road:

Blue Ridge Parkway-Tanabark Overlook Author Gary Stevens from Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Parkway across from Looking Glass Rock Photo taken by zen 2002

For more images, check Google Image Search or Flickr for images of this road.

If you are looking for Motor Rental, or planning a roadtrip, check Motorhome Roadtrip for all your driving needs.

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