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A Motorhome Rental Alternative: Tonke's Retro Modern Campers

Posted on 28 December 2010

New and old merge in the retrofuturistic Tonke Campers. While many campervans and motorhome rentals are more about function than form, Tonke is a company that strives to incorporate both in their vehicles. According to Tonke's website they believe that "a good design is timeless. For that reason, when developing our campers, we look at classic beauties such as yachts and gypsy caravans. There is, however, nothing old-fashioned about the technical installations of our campers."

Indeed Tonke's campers are all about melding the old and new. Luxe wood panelling paired with a design that can be unpacked in just about 15 minutes (and with a vehicle that can be used without the camper, too). This Netherlands-based company makes campers attractive enough to use in your backyard as an office or guest house, but that are also a great option to take to the open road with.

Tonke has developed four different models of their functional camper. There is the Explorer 1--billed as "compact and adventurous"--with a sitting area that transforms into sleep space, a vertical garage, a shower and a kitchen. At night you can open the double doors and feel like you're sitting, or sleeping, directly under the stars with interior dimensions of 370 x 205 cm (about 145" x 80"). The Explorer 2 is also compact and easy to take on the road, but features a different layout than the 1. The Explorer 2 is built with comfort in mind and is for those not interested in hauling bikes with them. Basically, the space used for Explorer 1's vertical garage is used for living quarters here allowing for a permanent bed and living/dining space.

Add a vertical garage to the layout of Explorer 2 and you have the Fieldsleeper 1. The other main difference between the two is that the Fieldsleeper 1 does not feature clothes storage above the bed. The Fieldsleeper 2, meanwhile, is the Tonke flagship model. Space used for storage in the Fieldsleeper 1 is used for living here, making the Fieldsleeper 2 both expansive and comfortable with sleeping space for three.

Prices range from € 44.005 for the Explorer 1 (€ 74.005 for the Tonke Camper Explorer 1 with Renault Master 100 hp and AC) and € 46.980 for the Explorer 2 (€ 76.980 with the Renault Master 100 hp and AC) to € 51.740 for the Fieldsleeper 1 (€ 83.740 with VW airco 136 hp) and € 53.740 for a Fieldsleeper 2 (€ 85.740 with VW airco 136 hp).

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Artist Kevin Van Braak Brings Green to the Urban Jungle with His Campervan Design

Posted on 28 December 2010

Artist Kevin Van Braak loves nature, so much so that one of his latest projects is designed to bring nature to the city. Whereas many people turn to campervan rentals to take them to nature, Van Braak has rethought that arrangement. While the artist's plain white camper might look like any other when closed up and being towed behind a vehicle, it's something very different once opened.

For his latest project Van Braak transformed a 1976 Constructam Caravan into a little garden of his own. The artist cut the caravan in half so that when opened it lays flat, revealing a space of artificial grass, trees and woodland creatures that seats about 15. "I am interested in artificial landscapes - particularly with the Dutch landscape as a lot of it was reclaimed from the sea," Van Braak told the UK's Daily Mail. "I find that these days people go camping - wanting to be closer to nature but in the end the experience is artificial."

The artist's faux spread of grass can be used as a camping or picnic site and even comes with a barbecue that can be plugged into a generator. While the unit is up for sale no price has yet been named. Definitely a perfect purchase for those looking to bring some serene green into their concrete jungle.

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The Innovan: A Camper for Off Roading Adventurers

Posted on 28 December 2010

Are you ready for the new generation of functional and efficient motorhomes? While many take joy in spacious and comfortable, albeit it slightly bulky, campervan rentals others bent on adventure and off-roading want something a little easier to get around in. Enter the Innovan, a new camper that is tough and lightweight, with a fibreglass shell, which makes it well suited to varied number of travel needs. The unique, versatile and, yes, expensive design came about when Welby Davidson of Toowoomba, Queensland and his wife Marg developed a prototype to fit their own adventurous needs.

"The interest it created was so amazing that we decided to go into production," Davidson told Gizmag. Fortuitously, Davidson's son is an industrial designer who then "gave the camper a more efficient aerodynamic shape and came up with a range of ideas to better integrate its amenities.” Once completed the new and improved design underwent rigorous testing--we're talking over 20,000 kilometres on tough terrain like the Simpson Desert and Fraser Island.

The Innovan is built to sleep two (choose between a single or queen bed) and can feature amenities like a shower, TV, water tanks, a refrigerator and indoor/outdoor kitchenettes. Designed to be aerodynamic during transit--the shape and lightness of the materials used help to prevent wind drag, a common problem with campervans--the Innovan is said to open up in 30 seconds. Keeping the Innovan light and easy to maneuver also means that it's a camper that can be brought into just about any type of terrain. Another great feature of the Innovan trailer is the airbag suspension.

"With the airbags fitted, I don’t even need extendable legs," Mr. Davidson explains. "I drive the rig onto a flat surface, attach a set of legs and lock them in place before deflating the airbag suspension to drop the chassis and tray. Then I just drive away from under the Innovan before reinflating the Nissan’s air bags. To reload the camper I simply reverse the procedure. At river and creek crossings I maximise the vehicle’s clearance by inflating the airbag suspension. I also raise it when negotiating deeply rutted tracks or in rocky, off-road conditions."

Innovan is currently looking for worldwide distributors and sells four camper models in Australia that range from the Trader ($20,000 AUD or about $15,000 USD) to the Voyager ($35,000 AUD or about $19,000 USD). The Innovan campers are creating such a buzz because they are versatile (fitting into a modified dual and king cab chassis or tray-back ute), lightweight and just perfect for those who want to take their camper off the beaten track.

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Discover New Zealand's Gorgeous South Island by Motorhome Rental

Posted on 28 December 2010

If you've ever dreamed of taking to the open road to experience the raw nature of a particularly beautiful country then you have a lot in common with Kate Rew, whose book Wild Swim is all about a motorhome vacation she took to New Zealand's South Island. "One campervan, two friends, three weeks, four feet on the dashboard and a cold beer when we pulled up at night," is the getaway as Rew describes it in The Guardian. This kind of unstructured voyage of discovery is the type of vacation that just calls out for a motorhome rental as your means of transportation. With your own RV rental you can go at your own pace, stopping when you please to explore your areas of choice. If New Zealand is your destination you can expect rainforests and wildlife, cold rivers and pristine streams, as well as acres and acres of stars.

New Zealand's South Island is the larger of the country's two main islands, although less populated than the North Island. Often referred to as the "Mainland," this area is rich with natural beauty from gorgeous sandy beaches to breathtaking mountain peaks. Here you can indulge in everything from adventure tourism and whale watching to hiking and skiing. You can fly into cities like Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin where you can pick up your campervan rental to start your voyage. Head to Kaikoura, Fiordland National Park, Westland National Park, Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, Abdel Tasman National Park or the Marlborough Sands, all of which rank among the Top 10 tourist destinations in the whole of New Zealand.

As for Kate Rew, the author recalls of her own South Island vacation, "We set off with a monumental greed to experience New Zealand's wild places, to spend as much time as possible in the non-human world...We wanted to swim with dolphins and fur seals, wake to the piping of bellbirds, hear trees sigh and flightless birds shuffle. In elemental form, the route was dolphins – backcountry – mountains – stars – rainforest." Rew's motorhome rental drove the roads between Christchurch and Kaikoura to the marine reserves of Picton, the Marlborough Sands and Abel Tasman before turning back along the west coast towards Mount Cook and ending in the city of Queenstown where Rew embarked on a three-day hike through the rainforest.

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1. Steffen Hillebrand via Wikimedia Commons
2. David Shapinksy via Wikimedia Commons

Visit Kluane Lake Yukon with your Motorhome Rental

Posted on 23 December 2010

panoramic view of Kluane Lake in the Yukon by Gerry from Fort St. John, BC, Canada (wikimedia commons)

Ok its winter now in the Northern Hemisphere, so going to the Yukon might be the last place on your mind. However, its one of the most popular summer destinations for Canadians and you should consider booking your motorhome now to enjoy this northern slice of heaven!

Here's what Canada National Parks says about this gem in the Canada Wilderness:
Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada covers an area of 21,980 square kilometres. It is a land of precipitous, high mountains, immense icefields and lush valleys that yield a diverse array of plant and wildlife species and provides for a host of outdoor activities. Kluane National Park and Reserve is also home to Mount Logan (5959 m/19,545 ft), Canada's highest peak.

As part of a larger system of national parks and historic sites, Kluane National Park and Reserve protects and presents a nationally significant example of Canada’s North Coast Mountains natural region and the associated regional cultural heritage.
Here's a map of the route from White Horse to Kluane Lake; its a about 3 to 4 hour drive in your Motorhome. Read more about planning your Kluane Lake Motorhome Holiday here.

View Kluane Lake in a larger map

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Check out your New Zealand Campervan before you hire it!

Posted on 16 December 2010

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