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Motorhome Tools - essential toolkit for the Motorhomer

Posted on 12 January 2011

If you own your own rv, motorhome or campervan, you'll need to get under the hood (or bonnet) and and do some work on your own sometime. This list below are things you'll need for your Motorhome Toolkit before you hit the road.

Above are essential tools you are going to work on your motorhome. Motorhome Roadtrip is the essential website if you are going to plan a Motorhome Rental Holiday!

The Hobohome, a uniquely Aussie Motorhome

Posted on 12 January 2011

Hobohome is an Australian Motorhome Travel blog and also has one of the more unique Motorhome Rig set ups I've seen in a while. The Hobohome itself a converted bus with a 'garage' for a moke. As they state in there blog:
Amazingly the car only occupies a little over one metre of the length of the motorhome with the majority of it being hidden underneath the queen sized bed.
Check out this great map of hobohome travels across australia. Check out videos of the Hobohome here:

Check out the tour of the Hobohome:

If you are looking for great deal on Australia Motorhome Rental, check Motorhome Roadtrip and don't forget to wave at the Hobohome if you see it on the road!

Motorhome Rental in California? Know your restricted routes

Posted on 12 January 2011

California, its a great place to go Motorhoming! Whether you want to see the Redwoods, Yosemite, or just cruise along the coast - its arguably the best place in the USA take a Motorhome or Campervan.

If you drive a 40 foot (12.2 meter) Motorhome - observe this list of places you can and can't drive in California here:

Shrine Drive Through Tree, picture by Keirn, Creative Commons

If you are looking to book a Motorhome Rental in California check some of these great locations you can book an RV from:

RVs, Motorhomes, Campervans on Fire!

Posted on 12 January 2011

Yes the internet is place you can find everything - who would thought there was a website dedicated just to Motorhomes on Fire? Well has just what you are looking for - heaps of burning, flame engulfed hunks of burning Recreational Vehicles for your viewing pleasure!

Now if you are looking for a smokin' hot (pun intended) rv rental deal, check out motorhome roadtrip! Just make sure you are up speed with your motorhome fire safety first!

Build your own Motorhome

Posted on 11 January 2011

For a little $2000 USD + some change, this fellow converted a traditional yellow school bus into functional motorhome.

From the website VonSlatt:
In January of 2005 I took delivery of a 1989 Thomas Saf-T-Liner, a flat-nosed diesel school bus with about 100,000 miles on it that I bought on eBay for $2000. Over the next 18 months I converted this old school bus into a family camper. Wherever possible re-used and recycled material were used, mostly acquired from our town dump, Craigslist and friend's demolition projects. All stages of this project are documented on these page

Funny Camper Pics

Posted on 11 January 2011

Here are some great quirky Motorhome Pics from ''.

funny car photos - The Oldsmobile RV, What a Sweet Ride
see more That Will Buff Out

funny car photos - The Walton Family's Camper
see more That Will Buff Out

funny car photos - For Those Hard To Reach Camping Spots
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Motorhome Roadtrips 2010

Posted on 6 January 2011

You've save up a bit of money for your Motorhome Rental - now its a matter of deciding where to you want to go this year. We've join up with a new a blog - Road Trip Planner - where we will be highlighting some of the best Roadtrips you can take with your campervan, motorhome or rv. Whether its driving on USA's highest road, driving Australia Great Ocean Road, seeing stunning sites on South Africa's Garden Route - Road Trip Planner's got a bit of everything for you!

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