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Take a Scenic Drive for free (on google maps)

Posted on 6 September 2011

Fancy a drive from Denver to Breckenridge, but don't want to spend heaps on gas? How about a drive from Helsinki to Porvoo without buying buying an expensive plane ticket? Solution? A neat little website called Drive Scenic! While it doesn't have the fanciest interface, I was able to take a virtual drive almost anywhere I could think of.

Click on the link image below to test drive some scenic drives yourself!

Take our campervan poll

Posted on 6 September 2011

We love campervan roadtrips, so we decided to include our first poll on our blog 'Where is your Dream Campervan Holiday?' There are so many places to take a roadtrip, but we've only limited it to the top places where we have helped our customers book motorhomes. If you have a favourite place thats not listed in the poll, please leave a comment here!

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