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Posted on 10 November 2011

Looking for special deals on Motorhome, RV and/or Campervan Rental? The blogs below were set up to give customers the latest offers from leading suppliers on rental deals. The also contain information about pickup depots, roadtrip itineries, latest news, photo and videos of campervans. Check some great deals that will make your wallet happier:

  1. RV Rental USA- find the latest special offers for motorhome rental in the United States
  2. Campervan Hire New Zealand - if you are looking to get away from it, travel to beautiful New Zealand
  3. Campervan Hire Australia - Find the hottest Camper Hire Deals under the aussies sun here.
  4. RV Rental Canada Coupons - Looking for some great deals on Motorhome Hire in Canada, eh? Visit this blog and check out the latest offers for Canadian motorhome rental.
  5. France Campervan Rental - Bienvenue en France. Get a great deal on a 'Camping-Car' and experience the cultural pleasures of France!
  6. South Africa Camper Rental is an incredible place to visit, there's so much to do here, you could spend months touring and seeing new things.
  7. Ireland Camper Hire - See the Emerald Isle in style; get a great deal on a Motorhome home or Campervan Hire!
  8. Germany Motorhome Hire - See gardens and the grandeur of its castles and palaces that bespeak of the sheer luxury of the lives of German nobility. And what better way to explore this treasure trove of excitement than in your very own motor home
  9. British Motorhome Rentals - If there is an amazing campervan hire deal on offer somewhere in the United Kingdom, here is where you will find it!
  10. Spain Motorhome Rental -   Spain and the islands of the Canaries and Balearics are a great place for visitors wanting to try a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday. Check out this site for great deals!
  11. Italy Motorhome Rental -   Italy is full of fabulous road trips for campervan hire vehicles, itineraries can be mixed and matched to create trips from a week up to a month. These are some of the most popular and easily combined sectors.
  12. CampervanHire directory links from Delicious & Folkd

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