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Monopod 660 Revealed

Posted on 23 November 2012

Another van from the future: This time, a caravan. Looking like a helicopter when face-on, the inside has a little more personality, lacking the white and stainless steel that many modern spaces are made of. Made by IH Leisure in the UK, it is designed to sleep 4, with a range of different layouts to choose from.

The Monopod is a one-piece shell, that can be custom-painted to order- why not match it to your car? The UK's famous Caravan Club may become more colourful if the Monopod starts a trend! This caravan is top of the line, heated throughout and will cause quite a stir at any holiday park.

Screenshot from

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EleMMent RV: Height of Luxury

Posted on 23 November 2012

Austria's Marchi Mobile have brought out the big guns in the RV world with the EleMMent RV, an interesting and expensive-looking RV that pulls out all the stops: Master bedroom with ensuite, seating that turns into a bar, a fireplace(!!), a Sky Lounge on the upper deck and more creature comforts than you can shake a stick at. And I wouldn't go shaking any sticks around the paint job of this RV, because it looks like it will come at a hefty price.

The vehicle is designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, reducing fuel consumption by it's 500 horsepower engine.

If you have the spare cash lying around for one of these, be prepared to turn heads- and to wait for it to be custom-built for you.

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If you don't why not check out Austria in something less luxurious but much more affordable- you can go the same places as the EleMMent can! Click here for Austria motorhome hire.

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Trollstigen- The Troll's Path

Posted on 23 November 2012

Norway is full of amazing vistas- but if you really want an eyeful, try driving the Trollstigen- if you dare! This winding, scenic and mountainous route translates to "Troll's Path." With 11 hairpin bends that take it on a zigzag up a mountainside and an average gradient of 9%, it is a bit of a challenge- but worth it!

There are two amazing waterfalls to be seen on the way up, and views over the valley and mountain. There is a parking area, visitor's centre and viewing platform near the top of the road, for those who need a rest after the hair-raising journey!

Although narrow, the road is definitely safe for motorhomes! Check out motorhome rental and roadtrip ideas for Norway to make your own trek up the Trollstigen!

by Phillipe Teuwen Flickr Creative Commons

by awiemuc Flickr Creative Commons

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Motorhome of the Year

Posted on 23 November 2012

For the first time, a winner has been crowned in the UK- a winner amongst mobile homes. A collaboration between two magazines, Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly and Which Motorhome, the inaugural Motorhome of the Year awards awards were held in Bedfordshire recently.

There were several categories, but the main winner, named Motorhome of the year, was the Knaus Sky Ti 650 MF. It is a 4-berth German model, fixed bed and coach built. One highlight of the design is haveing a fixed bed without significantly reducing the living space, a difficult feat in motorhome design. It also has stylish and practical washroom and kitchen, and is overall a great motorhome for anyone wanting to get on the road.

There were several other Coachbuilt categories, with the Tribute T-725 Sport taking out the Family Coachbuilt award, and the Adria Coral 670 SU winning Non-Fixed Bed Coachbuilt of the Year.

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Spain Motorhome Rental Pick-Up Locations

Posted on 23 November 2012

Spain, surrounded by the sea, is a country full of art, music and colour. A motorhome trip helps you get in amongst it- but where to start? Here are some ideas:

Barcelona is in the northeast corner of Spain, and truly has it's own culture-even it's own language. Although Spanish is understood and spoken by all when needed, the local language is Catalan. The city is absolutely worth a visit- it is filled with the weird and wacky architecture of Anton Gaudi, and has restaurants, bars and shopping to keep anyone entertained for weeks. Campsites are available on the outskirts of the city. From Barcelona, you can easily make your way down the Mediterranean coast.

Gaudi Architecture at Park Guell
by Ale3andro Flickr Creative Commons

Madrid is Spain's capital city, with a great cultural and artistic heritage. It has a very royal history as the centre of the Spanish Empire- the Royal Palace is located there. Check out Museo del Prado which has one of the world's finest art collections. Madrid is very central- from here, you can head towards the Med, the Atlantic or into Portugal or France.

Malaga, on Spain's southern Mediterranean coast, is more laid-back than it's northern counterparts- start here for a relaxing beginning to your journey! If sun and sand is what you're looking for, a good trip would be to start here and work your way up the coast to Barcelona.

by Jose Bolorino Flickr Creative Commons

San Sebastian
San Sebastian is situated on the Atlantic coast, close to the border with France- so is a good starting point for a trip in both countries. It's most attractive feature is an amazing beach right in the central city- combining natural delights with cultural ones.

Bilbao is very close to San Sebastian, but inland. It is home to the one of the famous Guggenheim museums, and is a great starting point for surfers- very close to the Atlantic coast and Spain's famous Mundaka surf break.

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Campervan during the London Olympics!

Posted on 23 November 2012

With 198 days to go, The London Olympics will be an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to go! The Olympics go from the 27th July to the 12th August 2012!! Not far away at all! With a little over three weeks solid entertainment you'll want to stay in London the whole time and get the most out of it! Millions of people will flock into London which will make the city a very bustling and thriving place. From watching the runners sprinting to weightlifters lifting , The gymnasts twirling to the tennis players smashing, you'll enter a world of excitement.

Be sure you don't miss out on being a part of this momentous occasion. Get in quick to book accommodation! A campervan is the perfect way to spend three weeks. Having downtime relaxing in campsites around the city, being able to shut out the busy world and the possibility of being able to head off on a roadtrip after the games is the way to go! Many campsites around the city have easy access to get you back to the games arenas after you've had a restful sleep and cooked a delicious meal! Don't spend an exorbitant amount on accommodation, hire a campervan from one of the many suppliers around the city or out of the city if you're coming in from elsewhere.

Take a look around one of the following sites to find the best deal out there on Motor homes and the perfect campervan to suit your needs and wants. Motorhome and Campervan hire sale bring you the best prices for Campervan Suppliers in the UK and all around the world. With so many people flocking to London, accommodation options will dwindle down so get in quick!

London has more Camping grounds than you'd think, and many within a short distance of Central London.

Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park is a peaceful site and for a small camping fee you'll be less than 50 minutes from Trafalgar Square. Play your own Olympics on their Tennis or Golf Courses.

Lee Valley Campsite is a convenient reach to the games locations while still being in outstanding countryside and the Epping Forest.

Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site is another perfect location for your stay. Feeling positively rural with mature trees it is still only a 35 minute rail into central London.

Find some more Campervan Sites around London...

Epping forest

Book the ultimate Campervan and Olympic experience!

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UK's Top 5 Pick-Up Locations

Posted on 23 November 2012

by Hermes Flickr Creative Commons

The UK is the land of the Caravan Club- motorhomes are a popular way to get around. Here are the top 5 pick-up locations, and some information on why you might want to start your trip there.

The UK's biggest and most famous city- London does not disappoint. Full of parks, pubs, museums, theatres and an amazing assortment of different people and cultures, it is a must-see city. If you want to see the South of England and stay amongst the better weather, why not start here? You could get some shopping in too!

The Eclectic Camden Markets
by Herry Lawford Flickr Creative Commons

If big cities aren't your thing, pick up in Flamstead outside of London, and see Hertfordshire and surrounding areas, or head north to Manchester or Scotland.

Pretty Hertfordshire
by Draco2008 Flickr Creative Commons

The gateway to Scotland- from here you can see this stunning country- have a look at the highlands and lochs, including of course the mysterious Loch Ness, 3-4 hours north of Edinburgh. The city itself is a stunner with Granite Buildings and the historic Royal Mile

Glasgow is on the other side of Scotland, closer to the jagged and dramatic coastline of the west coast- so if wild is what you're after, start from Glasgow!

Wild West Coast of Scotland
by Phillip Capper Flickr Creative Commons

Home of Coronation St- why not take a Coro St. Walking Tour? Manchester is close to some seaside resorts such as Blackpool, Southport and Liverpool, so start here for a bit of sea and sand in the summer, or make the trip down to London and stop at the many cities along the way.

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Caravan and Motorhome Show Manchester 2012

Posted on 23 November 2012

by Daniel Nisbet Flickr Creative Commons

The Caravan and Motorhome Show, the show of the year for British outdoor leisure-seekers, is to take place in a new venue in January: Manchester's EventCity. If you are a seasoned motorhome user or are exploring the idea of a holiday on the road, get along and have a look, because this show will tell you all you need to know!

With day passes from just 7 pounds, you will not be disappointed. Campsites, destinations and accessories as well as caravans and motorhomes of all shapes, sizes and models will be on show, so you can check out any number of options for a potential motorhome holiday. Also, many aspects of life on the road will be covered, with demonstrations of outdoor and motorhome cookery and expert talks on many aspects of the caravan and motorhome lifestyle. Kids can visit the Kidzone, and there is even a Farmer's Market for all your home-grown and home-cooked needs!

Looking to Upgrade?
by Mick Flickr Creative Commons

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10 of the best in Cornwall

Posted on 23 November 2012

The Guardian lists the ten best campsites in the popular british holiday destination of Cornwall. Although judging the best is subjective to say the least, these campsites are certainly worth a look if you are planning a roadtrip in the area:

Lovelane Caravans

This is a camp full of boutique caravans- sadly not much use for an RV rental as the caravans are already set up on site and you cannot bring your own. However, it sounds like an enchanting place to stay!

Highertown Farm Campsite

This is a small campsite, but well-maintained by the National Trust. With room for only a few motorhomes or caravans and less than 20 tents, it is small but stunning- the campsite has views of the South East Cornwall coast and easy access to several secluded bays. Be prepared to be isolated- there is no restaurant nearby- but also to enjoy the quiet and natural beauty.

Treen Farm

Treen Farm in Penzance is known for breathtaking views. It is family-owned and run simply. A first-come-first-served policy means no reservations can be made. Charges are very reasonable, and there is a small store onsite with local bread, veges and meat, and an off-license from 8am to 8pm. The site is just back from Treen Cliff, with amazing views of the Logan Rock, and there are walks galore along the cliffs. Two beaches are close by.

 Logan Rock
by Jim Champion Flickr Creative Commons

Cornish Tipi Holidays

Like Lovelane, this is not a bring-your-own situation, so don't turn up in a motorhome! It is also quite expensive, considering you will be camping, albeit in a tipi. However if you want to experience something different, tipis are certainly it.

Gwithian Farm Campsite

Gwithian Beach is removed from the cute coves of Cornwall and is a somewhat more wild surf beach. The Campsite is just back from the beach, and provides many great features at a reasonable price. There is a shop onsite, clean toilets and showers, laundry facilities, free use of freezers for freezer packs and free phone recharging, a children's area and free wireless access. The pretty village location means that there are conveniences close by, such as the pub just across from the campsite.

 Gwithian Beach
by Jim Champion Flickr Creative Commons

Beacon Cottage Farm

In St. Agnes, Beacon Cottage Farm has extremely amazing panoramic views of the ocean. It offers 70 sites for tents and motorhomes and great facilities, including a small shop. The site is also a working farm! The South West Coastal footpath passes just outside the campsite so it is a perfect spot for hikers. There is also a beach only ten minutes' walk away. The elevated position can mean strong winds, but these should not affect a motorhome.

Treloan Coastal Holidays

This is located on the Roseland Peninsula, very close to the ocean. There are hot showers and dish-washing facilities (no cooking area), powered sites and if you don't have your own camper or tent, you can hire a 'yurt' or 'snug,' both of which have their own stoves. The area is beautiful, with extuaries, secluded beaches and forests abounding.

Namparra Campsite

This campsite is great for those who want peace and quiet- set well down a private road on the Lizard Peninsula.  Just 6 acres, the site is family run and casual- no allocated pitches. In July and August, hook-ups can only be booked from Saturday to Saturday due to demand. It has a basic shower block, a shop and the 'Cow Shed Bar.' A 20-minute walk will take you to Kennack Sands, a pretty and family-friendly beach.

South Penquite Farm

This organic farm and campsite is set on the dramatic moorland of Bodmin Moor. The shower and toilet facilities are top-notch and solar-powered, but rmember this is a farm, so bring your gumboots! 'Yurts' are also available for hire. There are coin-operated washers and dryers, and washing-up facilities. The farmhouse sells home-produced lamb burgers and mutton sausages, as well as logs- as this is one of the only campsites where you are permitted to build a campfire.

 Bodmin Moor
by Paul Harris Flickr Creative Commons

Broad Meadow House

This quaint spot is limited to 12 campers, and the only campervans allowed are vintage VWs. It is located in Charleston, and has great views over the bay, and is very private due to the limited numbers. There are great views from the site, and it is right in the lovely village of Charleston.

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Coopers Beach and Surrounds- Doubtless You'll Love It

Posted on 23 November 2012

Coopers Beach by pennyd Flickr Creative Commons

As with many places in New Zealand, the best part of Coopers Beach is... the beach! Shaded by pohutakawa trees and protected by the worst of the Pacific ocean by its position tucked up inside the large Doubtless Bay, it is a pretty beach and safe for the family. The town has the necessities- a 4-Square, Liquor mart, butchery, hardware store, medical centre and a few other shops, plus a bowling club with other small towns not far away.

Also in Doubtless Bay (Captain Cook sailed past and wrote in his journal "doubtless a bay") and not to be missed are:

Mangonui- This village on Mangonui Harbour has, by reputation, New Zealand's best fish and chip shop. If you are a New Zealander, you will know that this is NOT a feat to be sneered at. Try them! Also a great spot to fish off the wharf, and watch rugby at the pub.

Mangonui by Sids1 Flickr Creative Commons

Cable Bay- a very picturesque town a few kilometres from Coopers Beach, Cable Bay can be recognised by the dairy with the big icecream cone on top, plus the Croquet Club.

Tokerau Beach- this beach stretches for 18 kilometres and is perfect for those long walks on the beach. Diggin for shellfish is a popular and rewarding passtime at Tokerau!

Karikari Peninsula- Always worth a visit is Karikari Estate, a winery. Tastings are available, and sitting outside tasting wine and sampling the cafe's delicacies is an incredible way to spend an afternoon- the views from the Estate are stunning.

Karikari Estate by TobiasPMP Flickr Creative Commons

Whatuwhiwhi Top Ten Holiday Park is located on the Karikari Peninsula, and is a top quality Holiday Park with tent and campervan sites and cabins. A note: Free Camping (outside of designated campsites) is a hot topic in New Zealand at the moment, but in a self-contained camper it is still legal in many areas, as long as you leave no rubbish or waste behind and are respectful of locals and the environment.

The Doubtless Bay area, in fact all of Northland, is a campervanner's dream. To find the best deals on campervan hire, click here.

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