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Posted on 5 November 2009

Campervan Hire DarwinIn this video Justin checks out the idyllic Florence Falls at Litchfield National Park near Darwin, Northern Territories Australia - a nice quiet spot for a refreshing dip. The falls are near the northern boundary of the park, 80km south of Darwin.

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Litchfield National Park is named after Fred Litchfield, who explored areas of the Northern Territory in 1864. Other attractions in the area include:
  • Buley Rockhole - a long series of cascading plunge pools. A camp ground is available and it's open all year round.
  • Wangi Falls - easily accessible and open all year round. swimming is not always possible due to changing water levels from heavy rain. A campground is available with some caravan camping iat non-powered sites.
  • Tolmer Falls - these falls cascade into a deep plunge pool. The bottom of the falls is home to colonies of rare Ghost Bats and Orange Horseshoe Bats.
  • Tjaetaba Falls - these falls and the area below them is an Aboriginal sacred site, and visitors are requested to swim only above the falls.
  • Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek) - there's a quiet plunge pool beneath Tjaynera Falls. Camping is available. Access is by four-wheel drive only.
  • Surprise Creek Falls - these falls are open for swimming. Camping facilities are available. Access is by four-wheel drive only. (source: Wikipedia)

As well as that there are attractions like Blyth Homestead (built in 1929), Bamboo Creek, Magnetic termite mounds and plenty of outstanding walking tracks. What are you waiting for?

Video: Justin takes the plunge at Florence Falls

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