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Posted on 5 November 2009

Melbourne Campervan HireJustin stops the campervan to spend some time hanging out with the Cockatoos -- and meets a few Galahs while he's there.

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"Galah" is Australian slang for 'fool' or 'idiot'. So if someone calls you a "flaming galah" you've probably upset them in some way. But back to the bird - the male Galah has dark eyes; the female red eyes.

Bird sanctuaries like the one Justin is at (near Melbourne) are plentiful in Australia, and tourists can often be found watching in awe of the brightly coloured Cockatoos, Rozellas and many other species of native bird - there are 826 different species in total. If you're driving around Australia, make sure you take the time to unwind and check out the birdlife. You can identify the many and varied species of Australian birds here.

Video: Justin gets in a flap over the native birds at Cockatoo Central

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