Melbourne Campervan Hire - Kangaroos in your campsite

Posted on 5 November 2009

Melbourne Campervan HireIn the below video, Justin hops out of his caravan to find the campground is full of kangaroos.

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Kangaroos are generally shy and retiring by nature, and usually present no threat to humans - all are strict herbivores. Watch out while driving though: they're big enough to total a small car or wreck the front of a bigger vehicle, which is why many open road vehicles in Australia are fitted with "roo-bars".

Here's some information on Kangaroos, sourced from Wikipedia:
Male kangaroos often "box" amongst each other, playfully, for dominance, or in competition for mates. The dexterity of their forepaws is utilised in both punching and grappling with the foe, but the real danger lies in a serious kick with the hindleg. The sharpened toenails can disembowel an opponent.

There are four species that are commonly referred to as kangaroos:
  • The Red Kangaroo is the largest surviving marsupial anywhere in the world. Fewer in numbers, the Red Kangaroo occupies the arid and semi-arid centre of the continent. A large male can be 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) tall and weigh 90 kg (200 lb).
  • The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is less well-known than the red, but the most often seen, as its range covers the fertile eastern part of the continent.
  • The Western Grey Kangaroo is slightly smaller again at about 54 kg (119 lb) for a large male. It is found in the southern part of Western Australia, South Australia near the coast, and the Darling River basin.
  • The Antilopine Kangaroo is, essentially, the far-northern equivalent of the Eastern and Western Grey Kangaroos. Like them, it is a creature of the grassy plains and woodlands, and gregarious.
Video: Up and at 'em, hop to it!

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