RV Rental in Canada (FT.com)

Posted on 7 September 2008

Here's an interesting article from FT.com (Financial Times) about renting an RV in Canada. This is an interesting excerpt about US RVs vs European RVs:

There are many things about a solid American RV that should make European motorhome makers, with their cheap veneered chipboard and flimsy fittings, feel ashamed. But aerodynamic design is not among them. Above 50mph, the wind roar was loud, incessant and dispiriting.

The beds – permanent double at the rear, over-cab double at the front – were comfortable enough, and the shower, loo, fridge and other ancillaries all worked well. But there was no lack of further downsides. Over 1,500 miles, the Adventurer’s 5.7 litre petrol Ford V8 drank a gallon every 11 miles – better than many of its larger counterparts, but for a week’s trip the fuel bill was more than £390.
Read more here http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/65a669be-77e8-11dd-acc3-0000779fd18c.html

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