Trollstigen- The Troll's Path

Posted on 23 November 2012

Norway is full of amazing vistas- but if you really want an eyeful, try driving the Trollstigen- if you dare! This winding, scenic and mountainous route translates to "Troll's Path." With 11 hairpin bends that take it on a zigzag up a mountainside and an average gradient of 9%, it is a bit of a challenge- but worth it!

There are two amazing waterfalls to be seen on the way up, and views over the valley and mountain. There is a parking area, visitor's centre and viewing platform near the top of the road, for those who need a rest after the hair-raising journey!

Although narrow, the road is definitely safe for motorhomes! Check out motorhome rental and roadtrip ideas for Norway to make your own trek up the Trollstigen!

by Phillipe Teuwen Flickr Creative Commons

by awiemuc Flickr Creative Commons

Author: Doug Brown+

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