A Van for All

Posted on 22 November 2012

Motorhomes and camper vans come in many shapes and sizes, and the line between a vehicle for getting from A to B and a vehicle for getting from A to B and sleeping there can be a fine one. What makes a van a camper van?

According to Toyota Reviews, they can be loosely classed into groups according to their functionality (note these are terms used in the USA! Campervans elsewhere can refer to a much wider range of motorhomes).

A cargo van is just a van with nothing in it- not even seats. It is used to transport cargo- but can also be the basis for your own little mobile home sweet home.

A Camper Van is converted to be useful for camping- mattresses, maybe even a kitchenette. Typically a home job.

A Class B Motorhome is a fully fledged and kitted out motorhome that has been built into a cargo van chassis. To be included in this category, it must be equipped for the needs of basic living- eating, sleeping, and toileting. This includes grey and fresh water holding tanks.

So there are many degrees of kitting out that the humble cargo van can take. You could put some mattresses in the back and call it a camper van, or have it fitted out completely into a Class B Motorhome. Mini Class C Motorhomes are genuine motorhomes that can be mistaken for Campervans or Class Bs due to their compact design, making them look similiar to a cargo van.

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Author: Doug Brown+

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