Where to start your German Motorhome Holiday - top 10 pick up locations

Posted on 22 November 2012

Isny, by Tilman2007
If you are interested in travelling to Germany, there are many great places to start your campervan holiday. Here is a list of the top most popular pick up locations for RV Rentals in Germany:
  1. Frankfurt: Considered the financial centre of Europe, many travellers elect to start there journey here for its convenience to major airports and also it proximity to central Germany.
  2. Munich - A traditional favourite amongst travellers, there is much more to Munich that just the Oktoberfest. With its mix of both historic and modern areas, Munich was named a top destination by National Geographic Traveller.
  3. Hamburg - For those wanted to start a northern European roadtrip, many go Hamburg. Hamburg is the tranportation hub for Northern Germany and is 2.5 hours from the Danish and Dutch borders.
  4. Dusseldorf - In the lower Rhine and just over an hour away from Belgium and then Netherlands, Dusselfdorf is a major arts centre for Europe making it a popular place to start a roadtrip.
  5. Stuttgart - If you love motor vehicles, there is no question why Stuttgart - home to Mercedes and Porsche is on the list! The home of the automobile would be the perfect way to start your German roadtrip!
  6. Berlin - The capital city and largest city of Germany brings in over 135 million tourists each year. Its location in the heart of former DDR makes it a popular loccation for those who want to use as a starting point to get off the beaten path.
  7. Mannheim - Located in Southwest Germany, may not be on the top of many traveller's list but for those who want France and Luxembourg (just over 2 hours away) its an ideal starting point. Also Luisenpark is consider one of the loveliest parks in Europe!
  8. Dortmund - Known for its music and Dortmunder style beer, Dortmund is another lesser known but great option to start your German Motorhome Holiday
  9. Isny - Where is Isny? Its located in extreme south of Germany. It is just an hour away from Austria and the beautiful lake Constance. It is a popular amongst the locals as a resort town but its slowly and of course is a great place to start off your roadtrip!
  10. Lorrach - Here is another location you may not have considered. Lorrach is a great location if you want to see Germany, France and Switzerland. Oh for you chocolate lovers, the Milka factory is located there!
Hohenzllern Castle near Stuttgart  by Trodel
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