Whitefish Bay- The beauty of Lake Superior.

Posted on 19 March 2013

Whitefish Bay is 5 hours north of Detroit, and is an excellent spot to visit if you are road tripping in the Great Lakes region. On the shores of Lake Superior, you will find lots of greenery and cute lakeside towns in the very north of the United States.

If you are heading north on the I-95 towards Canad, get off at MI28 and head towards Brimley. This town is located where the Waiska River flows into Whitefish Bay. It is home to a museum, a casino at the Bay Mills Indian reservation and a lighthouse, as well as a pretty waterfront.

from Brimley, head west on West Lakeshore Drive through birch, maple and oak forests. The Point Iriquois Light Station is not far from the town, and is a beautiful bit of architecture which is attached to a house serving as a museum. Also along this part of the coast is the beautiful Monocle Lake, great for fishing and all kinds of recreation. There is a campground at the lake which would make a lovely place to stop overnight.

Point Iroquois Light Station
by Andrew Horne Flickr Creative Commons

The road continues along the shoreline, passing Pendills Bay and Tahquamenon Bay. Lakeshore Drive becomes Lake Superior Shoreline Road, and then ends at White Fish Road. Turn right here to continue along the lake's shore and cross the Tahquamenon river. The Tahquamenon Falls State Park in this area is Michigan's second largest State Park. The centerpeice of the park is are the beautiful Falls and rapids, of which the waters are stained reddish brown with tannins. The best access to the Park is on MI123 from the small town of Paradise. This tourist town is the gateway to both the State Park and Whitefish Point.

 Tahquamenon Falls
by Dawn Endico Flickr Creative Commons

Lake Superior
by Jean-Pierre Cauchon Flickr Creative Commons

Whitefish Point protrudes into the lake above Paradise, and there you will find another lighthouse for vessels navigating Lake Superior, and also a bird observatory amongst woods and lakes.

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