Winnebago unveils Hybrid Motorhome/RV

Posted on 4 December 2008

Winnebago Industries, Inc. has reveald some new models of RVs at the 46th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY. One of them includes the Hybrid Concept Adventurer:

Winnebago Industries also unveiled a full-size Class A hybrid concept RV with the new 2009 Winnebago Adventurer. The Adventurer hybrid concept vehicle features a Freightliner ecoFRED chassis with Eaton hybrid power system components. This is a full hybrid system in that it utilizes two independent power sources (a diesel engine and an electric motor) that work in conjunction to optimally power the vehicle. The Adventurer Hybrid also is the first hybrid motor home to feature an Auxiliary Power Generation (APG) unit that senses hybrid battery power levels and automatically engages the coach's engine to charge the batteries. Because this hybrid system also supplies power to the 120-volt coach system, and on-board generator is not required. The Adventurer Hybrid concept vehicle explores new horizons in RV efficiency and functionality and is just one more example of Winnebago Industries tradition of industry leading innovation.

"Winnebago Industries is on the cutting edge of RV hybrid technology with this concept vehicle that explores the viability of advanced hybrid systems in motor home applications," said Olson. "We are pleased to bring this type of advancement to the market."

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