Campervan Day Trips -- Zorbing in Rotorua NZ

Posted on 11 September 2009

New Zealand campervan hireZorbing, also known as Sphereing, is another attraction available to tourists in New Zealand.

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Zorb Rotorua is the flagship site of the Zorb family and has been running for over 14 years. In fact, Zorb Rotorua is a Winner of the Visitors Choice Award for the things to do in New Zealand. Check them out at

Here's some background on the origins of Zorbing, from Wikipedia:
Sphereing (globe-riding, zorbing) is the recreation of rolling downhill in a sphere, generally made of transparent plastic. Sphereing is generally performed on a gentle slope, but can also be done on a level surface, as well as on water, permitting more rider control. In the absence of hills some operators have constructed inflatable, wooden or metal ramps. There are two types of spheres, harnessed and non-harnessed. The non-harness spheres have up to three riders, whereas the harness variety is constructed for one to two riders. Double-harness spheres have different slope requirments, and must only be operated in specific locations. The longer runs are approximately half a mile. The first sphereing site was established in Rotorua, New Zealand, by Andrew Akers and David Akers.

In 1994, Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers conceived the idea for a type of sphere in Auckland, New Zealand, calling their invention the "Zorb". With two other investors they created the firm ZORB Limited, and set to work commercializing sphereing.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognises two sphereing records, set over two consecutive days in 2006:
  • Longest sphereing ride held by Steve Camp who travelled 570 metres (1,870.1 ft).
  • Fastest sphereing ride held by Keith Kolver who reached a speed of 52 kilometres per hour (32.3 mph).

Video: Justin takes a water assisted ride in a Zorb -- looks like great fun!

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