Denmark Roadtrip

Posted on 15 February 2012

Denmark 256
Egescov Castle
By Krowster - Flickr Commons

Visit the peaceful towns and excellent beaches of Denmark. Take a road trip through the country in a Campervan, stopping at beautiful spots whenever you feel like it. Denmark holds many prestigious "Blue Beach" awards and the beaches are equal to any Mediterranean destination.

Denmark itself is the southernmost of the Nordic countries, located southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany. Denmark's shores extend to both the Baltic and North Seas. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland (Jylland) and many islands, most notably Zealand and Funen.

sand coast northsea, Denmark
Sandcoast Northsea
By Magnetismus - Flickr Commons

Visit the northern most point of Jutland and see the Baltic and North seas merge.

Experience the unique atmosphere, historic streets and many museums and attractions in Ribe. Embrace the art and architecture in Arhus along with the Tivoli Friheden. An amusement park for the whole family.
Drive over to Funen with it's Castle's (or Slots) becoming a more frequent occurrence and the towns of Faaborg and Svendborg are well worth a visit.

By M.Prinke - Flickr Commons

Cruise around Denmark on a roadtrip that will be well worth your time. Find a Campervan for your travels at Motorhome Scandinavia.

Enjoy the trip and let us know how it goes or of any attractions that were fantastic!

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