Langeland Festival

Posted on 1 November 2011

Langelandsfestivalen is Denmark’s largest garden party for the whole family. The venue is on the outskirts of Rue Mark near Langeland and Rudkonbin, near the beach. The festival started in 1991 and its popularity to both local and international tourists has grown since then. The affair is usually held in the last week of July usually lasting for four days. In 2010, the Langelandsfestivalen became a full-pledge week-long festival.

What is there to see at the festival? There is a whole range of activities to do at the festival. There are plenty of activities for the young and old. There are multiple stages for music programs that are varied to cater to different age groups and music tastes. Concerts are held in tents or at open-air venues. There have been an extensive number of Danish musicians and artists who have performed at the Langelandsfestivalen. A long list of international artist have performed at the festival too and some of them are Toto, Santana, Gloria Gaynor, Earth Wind and Fire, The Corrs, Alana Myles, Simple Minds and more.

Danish band "Zididada" at the Langeland Festival
Photo by Lhademmor, Wikimedia Commons

Tickets for the Langeland Festival in July 21-28, 2011 will be on sale starting November 1, 2011 at designated outlets. Online ticket sale will be available in selected websites. Once you purchase tickets you are automatically given a free campsite. There are various spots for tent and you can take your pick. If you are planning to take a motorhome tour of Copenhagen summer next year, best book a campervan way in advance so you can enjoy the facilities at the Langeland Festival. In case you are going to the festival in a motorhome, you need to purchase a caravan ticket. Electricity is included in the price of the ticket. Check out the Lanelandsfestivalen website for the requirements.

There is Children’s World for kids of all ages. The area is the size of 4 football fields. There are playgrounds, bike lanes, bouncy castles and other form of activities and entertainment for the kids. More than 300 volunteers man the Children’s World that kids are quite safe in the area. Entrance is free. Parents have to check in their children for security purposes. It is also best for parents to write down their mobile phone numbers on their children’s arm just in case they get separated.

On the Festival grounds are a separate Toilet and Baths including several pools. A bath cost £25. Cars and all modes of transportation have their own designated parking space. There are fire trucks and firemen, policemen, nurses, paramedics on duty for security.

The “feet” are the mode of transportation within the festival grounds. Special dispensation is given for the disabled as long as they have blue card on their car. They can also opt to stay in camp designated for them. If you need to use a barbecue grill, there are designated areas for this.

Volunteers are being recruited. You can apply online should you want to experience Langelandsfestivalen as an organizer.

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