Odense Attractions

Posted on 1 November 2011

Odense is located in the island of Funen and is the third largest city in Denmark and is more than a thousand years old. The lively and beautiful city has a more relaxed and laid-back ambiance than Copenhagen with its pedestrian-only streets, numerous paths, alleys and squares leading to museums, cafés, shops and a host of cultural and musical attractions. There are bike-only paths too for the locals and tourists to get around Odense. However, to really enjoy a leisurely tour of Odense, a walking tour is recommended.

What are there to see in Odense? The top tourist attractions in the city are the Odense Zoo, Han Christian Andersen’s House, Danish Railway Museum and the Funen Village. Other attractions in the city are:

  • Cathedral of King Canute the Holy (Saint Knuds Kirke)
  • Odense Golf Club
  • Odense Palace
  • Hans Christian Andersen Museum
  • Carl Nielsen Museum
  • Danish Museum of Printing
  • Museum of Photographic Art
  • Local History Museum
  • DSB Railroad Museum
  • St. Knud Church
  • Peace Church
  • University of Southern Denmark

These are just some of the attractions you can enjoy in Odense.

Church of Saint Knud in Odense
Photo by Lars Bo Wassini, Wikimedia Commons

Located in 206 Sondre Boulevard, the Odense Zoo is the second largest zoo in Denmark. The zoo is a favourite destination for a jaunt. There are giraffes, lions, zebras, chimps, tigers and animals from different parts of the world. The oceanium has manatees (sea cows) and penguins too. The zoo is open the whole year round.

In Munkemøllestræde is the childhood home of the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. He lived in this half-timbered house from 1807 to 1819 with his parents. In 1930 the house was converted into a museum and is currently a part of the main Andersen Museum in Hans Jensens Strðde. The HC Andersen Gardens is behind St. Knuds Kirke and is a sight to behold at the height of summer.

Danish Railway Museum, Odense
Photo by Matthew Ross, Wikimedia Commons

The Danish Railway Museum is near the Odense Railway Station. It houses quite extensive models of original locomotives and carriages including sleepers, royal carriages and dining cars. There are model railway layouts, computer games and simulations for everyone to enjoy. For small children are designated play areas.

Funen Village or Fyn is an open-air museum with some 30 traditional buildings dating back to the 17th to 19th centuries. The antique buildings were relocated from various sites in the island. A village-like environment was created with the half-timbered houses complete with streets and a village pond, enclosures for livestock and beautiful gardens. The Funen Village looks authentic and presents a picturesque view of “old” Funen.

Odense Palace
Photo by Kåre Thor Olsen, Wikimedia Commons

The Cathedral of King Canute the Holy or Saint Knuds Kirke is located south of the Odense Town Hall. It is a commemorative to Danish Saint Knud IV who begun the construction in 1100. The church was burned sometime in the 12th century and then was revamped to a three-aisled church in the 13th century. The construction took more than 200 years to complete. The current interior of the brick church is Gothic style.

Odense in Funen Island is accessible by ferry, road and rail.

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