Thy National Park

Posted on 22 November 2011

Thy National Park located in southwestern Jutland, is Denmark’s first national park. It is also the largest spanning from Agger Tange in the south and the Hanstholm lighthouse in the north covering an area of 244 sq. km. Thy National Park was shaped by hundreds of years of sand migration which is evident in its sand heaths, sand plantations, dunes, coastline and lakes. Thy National Park could well be one of Denmark’s “last wilderness”.

The park is best enjoyed by nature lovers who prefer the quiet solitude and peace and quiet of a natural park. Though the park has comfortable inns and campsites for campervans, there is also a patch of primitive campsites for the more adventurous. This is a great place for a Denmark motorhome rental holiday. Note that Danish national parks are not amusement centres or museums. There are Danes who live and work in these national parks and that some of the areas in the parks are owned by private individuals.

The dune heaths at Thy National Park are unique not only in Denmark but globally. The heath land along the coast alternates with dune plantations. To the north of the park is the Hanstholm Game Reserve where you can find two of Denmark’s cleanest and unspoiled lakes, Nors Lake and Vandet Lake. Nors Lake’s beach is child-friendly. Red deer, roe and some of Denmark’s rare birds like the wood sandpiper and golden plover call this area home. There are more than 30 varied species of birds in the area. Otters have found homes along the protected areas of the lakes too.

Isthmus of Agger Tange’s salt meadows on the other hand is the habitat for water birds native to Thy. Agger Tange has been named as an international bird protection sanctuary. The bird tower in Tved Dune plantation is best seen in the months of March and April when it is possible to view dancing cranes. The dunes along the coastline present great beaches for swimming. Isbjerget provides barbecue and bonfire facilities. The area is actually the highest point in the Hanstholm Wildlife Reservation at 56 meters. A fishing platform for disabled is accessible here too.

Thy National Park covers some evidence of remnants from the Bronze Age. The German bunkers along the coast are a reminder of Denmark’s WW II history. The long-ago farmlands have been replaced by dune heaths and dune plantations all due to the harsh wind and sand drift to the land.

The park is not without some attractions. The small fishing villages of Stenbjerg Landingsplads and Nørre Vorupør are still active and offer a view of the fishermen’s daily work. The North Sea Aquarium in Nørre Vorupør has some rare species of North Sea fish caught by these fishermen. Klitmøller and Stenbjerg Landing Place are places to visit for a great view.

The park can be toured by feet, bikes, horses and cars. There are several sign-posted paths for trekkers, cyclists and mountainbikers. You can rent an Icelandic horse should you wish to tour the park by horse. However there are designated areas as to where you can walk, bike, drive or ride. For those who are into surfing, Klitmøller is the place to be.

No matter where you are at the Park, it is possible to “feel” the grandeur of nature.

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