How Choosing the Right Memory Foam Mattress Can Relieve Back Aches When Camping

Posted by on 12 March 2016 | 0 Comments

Some people would opt to buy the more traditional innerspring mattresses but some will also venture out to try the relatively newer memory foam mattresses. What is a memory foam mattress? Basically, when you look at it, it looks like a normal mattress. You can distinguish it from other types of mattresses by actually feeling it. A memory foam mattress has the ability to conform to the shape of the weight that is put on it.


For example, if you push your hand towards it, the mattress will show an imprint of your hand before it returns to its natural shape. The same happens when you sleep on it. The mattress conforms to the contour of the sleeper, giving him a feeling of melting into the bed. This helps distribute the pressure points of the body, therefore reducing tension or stress on the sleeper.


Aside from that, a memory foam mattress also improves the blood circulation as well as correct the body posture. Its benefits are the reason why people keep on buying these mattresses. So now that you are convinced to buy yourself one to replace the old ratty mattress you have at home, let me first show you the things you need to consider before shopping for a memory foam mattress.


Foam density

The first thing you have to consider when buying a cheap memory foam mattress is its density, which tells how durable it is. The heavier the foam is, the longer it will last. High end memory foam mattresses typically have 5-7 lb foams. Standard memory foam mattresses on the other hand range from 2.5 lb to 5 lb per cubic foot.


However, a dense mattress is not for everybody. If you are either on the heavier side or are fond of tossing and turning while lying on the bed, you may consider a less dense mattress. Do not compromise the durability though, go for the densities that are just right and not too low. On the other hand, if you are thin and have a protruding bone structure, a dense foam will give you more comfort and support.


A safe density for a memory foam that will fit most sleepers would be 4 lb. Meanwhile, you cannot test the density of a foam by just feeling or touching it. You need to ask a knowledgeable sales person regarding the foam density as well as the other important details. It will also help if you do research on the brands you already have in mind.



Aside from asking the qualified salesperson what the specific details of the memory foam are, be sure to also inquire what type of warranty comes with the mattress you have chosen. You have to know what the warranty covers. A non-prorated warranty will not give you any financial responsibility over the duration of the warranty if ever you have to have your foam fixed or replaced.


A prorated warranty on the other will make you pay in over the duration of the warranty, which increases as the years go by. Some people take for granted the warranty their purchase comes with. A mattress is a very important investment (and an expensive one if I may add) and to avoid trouble once your time of need comes, be prepared with the right information early on.


Money back guarantee

Most mattresses are now offered with a free trial for a number of days or weeks. Memory foam mattresses are no exception so if it is possible, look for a mattress brand that offers the same trial. It is even better if you can find a good mattress retailing company that offers their memory foam mattresses for a money back guarantee.

This is important because memory foam mattresses are not for everybody. Sometimes you research on it (like what you are doing right now) and get nothing but rave reviews of the product. And then sometimes you go to the department store, try it and feel like lying on the clouds. And then it turns out that the product you have bought is nothing like the way it was described online and the way it felt at the store.



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