Live like a millionaire (in the mountains)

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We’ve all seen the films, the music videos and even the most luxurious reality tv shows where someone’s home is opened up for us all to see. There’s the quintessential log fire, the pool, ornate decorations and much much more.


But living like a millionaire (albeit for a short period) need not be as far out of reach as you could imagine. With the Ski season upon us and the prospect of going away for a few days with friends, family and our loved ones for a week in the snow or just a week in the mountains; what better way to live the luxury lifestyle in a mountain retreat.


That’s right, the mountains. Think about it, a hard day on the slope to then be mixed up with some apres ski and followed by dining and relaxing in a lounge to suit; yes, you could have the exclusive millionaire lifestyle in only a few short hours.


IKH Villas specialise in luxury holiday retreats such as these and they have put together a list of some of the things you can do when it comes to relaxing in millionaire star quality homes.


Take it all in

Whether you’re in the Tyrolese, the Alps or the Dolomites, what people forget to do is to take everything in. That’s the whole chalet, the services that are on offer, the local area and the big one, the scenery. Yes, you see the mountains and you experience a difference when it comes the air and even the night sky, but what people come back with most is how much of a statement the scenery is.


You’re surrounded by mountains and each one has a different look and feel depending on the weather, the sunlight and a variety of other factors. When you rent your chalet/villa, just bear in the mind the wonderful scenery you have around you and how this is adding to the dream lifestyle of living in the mountains.


Log fires, blankets and good quality food

One of the nicest things about spending time in a mountain chalet is the fact that you get to surround yourself in complete luxury. Things such as soft furnishings and even homely atmosphere which can be precisely the thing you’re looking for when spending time away from home, however there are other things that can make you live that millionaire lifestyle in the mountains.


From log fires, snuggling under a blanket and looking out onto the snow covered mountains and eating the most amazing food that extremely well catered chalets can offer really is the way that the rich indulge in their evenings when spending time in the mountains.


Watch out for mountain delicacies such as raclette, tartiflette, amazing hams and cured meats whilst some of the most overly indulgent mature goats cheese found in the dairies across the mountain valleys. If this is your route, you may check a basic glamping guide here.

Send in the Spa and free Wifi

OK, so you’ve had a hard day drifting through the snow, partying hard through the night and even had time to fit in some very exclusive shopping. Resorts such as Verbier, Meribel and Chamonix have some beautiful shopping locations and mountainside palaces that are the envy of the ski resorts in the world.


But having a spa facility can help you recover and live that millionaire lifestyle in pure luxury; things like a jacuzzi or steam room really make you feel like you’re living on cloud nine after an intense day or days of partying.

Living like the elite is not that far out of reach when selecting your exclusive holiday chalet. What we would always advise is to check out the area that you are staying in, know where your lodge/chalet will be and most importantly, know what facilities you have. When it comes to choosing luxury, make sure it is thoroughly luxurious.


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