Road Trip Plan for Gambling and Sightseeing

Posted by on 6 November 2015 | 0 Comments

One of the best ways to travel is by taking a road trip. The reason is that the journey to your 
intended destination can be just as fun as reaching your vacation goal. For example, if you plan 
to head to Las Vegas for a gambling vacation and for some sightseeing, and you have the 
opportunity to get to Sin City via car instead of airplane, the following are a couple of great tips 
to keep in mind when planning your road trip.

Road Trip Las Vegas - This Way!

Plan your route - Know the route you will travel to get to Vegas. Depending on where you are 
driving from in the U.S., you will discover that there are many things to do and see on your 
journey.  For instance, if you’re travelling near the Mississippi river, you could enjoy a great 
river road trip adventure! Be sure to find a map of where you’ll be headed and see what will be 
nearby that’s worth checking out. The trick is to enjoy as many activates as you can on your 
journey without going too far out of your way.

Road Trip Las Vegas - Onwards!

Know what you’ll do when you get to Vegas - Sin City is home to many land based casinos in the U.S. Research the ones that most interest you, and find out where they are so you can make a priority of seeing them.

Also, don’t forget that there is more to the city than gambling. Don’t miss out on sightseeing in Las Vegas. From the famous strip, to the many themed casino resorts, to helicopter rides over the city and the Grand Canyon, there is plenty to do and see.

Remember that unless you have all the time and money in the world, it is unlikely that you will be able to do and see everything that you want to on your road trip. That is why it is important that you figure out what you would like to experience first, so you can create the best plan that will ensure the most rewarding vacation.

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