Transfercar Made “Free One-Way Car Rentals” A Reality

Posted by on 5 November 2015 | 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop off a rental car at a destination miles away from where you first picked it up? Motorhome Roadtrip's industry partner, and relocation specialist Transfercar have been solving this issue since 2007.

Like many successful start-ups, Transfercar have been able to take advantage of a gap in the marketplace and turn a pain-point into an opportunity. In 2014 alone Transfercar worked with rental car companies to relocate more than 12,000 cars and currently has a database of over 60,000 registered drivers.

Transfercar: Free One Way Car Rentals

Transfercar: Free One Way Car Rentals

The  Auckland based company, which offers free one way relocation deals for both cars and motorhomes in New ZealandAustralia and recently North America, was selected earlier on this year as one of 30 companies out of thousands to the prestigious Silicon Valley 500 start-ups accelerator programme – the first New Zealand company to do so.

How does Transfercar generate revenue if relocations are free? Transfercar has been able to charge rental car companies a small fee. This works well for rental car companies who need their vehicles relocated as the alternative is to move vehicles at a higher expense by land using trucks.

Transfercar’s marketplace is unique in that they operate in a two-sided niche by working with consumers who are looking for an alternative form of travel and by working with rental car and campervan companies who require vehicle relocations.

The company have successfully established themselves in Australasia and are quickly making a big mark in the US. With a business model that is not readily available internationally, Transfercar’s market growth will likely continue upwards.

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