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Canada Basics

Before you travel through Canada by RV, there's some essential basics and fast facts you need to know. What are the people like? What measurements do they use in Canada? What about electricity? What are the main highways in Canada? And what on earth is a "toonie"? Find out, and more, here.

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Canada Climate

If you want to take full advantage of the outdoors in your RV, the best time to visit Canada is in the summer. However if you want to experience everything Canada has to offer, visit in the winter. Temperatures range from plus 40 C in summer to minus 40 C in the winter, so dress accordingly!

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Canada Driving Tips

Driving in Canada can be both a pleasure and a challenge. For people from smaller countries, it can be an adjustment to drive an RV in a country that spans six time zones – some places are just really far away! But with long, open roads and some seriously incredible scenery, driving in Canada can be a really liberating feeling. Get Canada-specific driving tips here.

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Canada History 101

Following the arrival of the Inuits and the Vikings, Canadian history is largely dominated by English-French rivalry. Nova Scotia, Montreal and Quebec all had major parts to play; meanwhile, Yukon was home to the Gold Rush and Alberta was Canada's own Wild West - all providing countless fascinating historic sites to visit by RV. Get the background on Canada by reading about it's dramatic story here - and start planning to create your own special history as you travel through by motorhome.

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