Funen Island

Funen Island

photo by (wikimedia commons)

Denmark Geography

photo by Tomasz Sienicki (wikimedia commons)North Sea in Hirtshals, Jutland Photo by Tomasz Sienicki (wikimedia commons)

The smallest of the Scandinavian countries, the Danish mainland is attached to the northern tip of Germany by a small piece of land. The rest of the county comprises of islands, which are of course, surrounded by water.  The island of Sealand is home to the capital city of Copenhagen, which looks eastwards towards its neighbor Sweden, to the North West is Norway, and way out to the west across the North Sea is Britain.

Denmark comprises of over 400 hundred islands; the majority uninhabited, with an area of 43,098 square meters or 16,640 square miles, and includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland.  The country is divided into four main regions; Jutland - the mainland, Sealand - the largest island, and home to nearly 40% of the country’s population, Bornholm - the place to head for good beaches and a favorite holiday spot, and finally Funen - which includes picturesque islands, and famous for being the home of Hans Christian Anderson.  The landscape is fertile, low lying countryside interspersed with lakes, fjords and beech forests.

Each region can be further broken down; here are just a few of the best bits for holidaymakers with campervan hire or motorhome rental:

Not just home to the capital but castles and forests.  The north coast between Hundested and Helsingør (Elsinore) has some of Sealand’s best beaches, for those who enjoy swimming.  Some of the most peaceful, beautiful and oldest parts of the country are found in the south: Lolland, Falster & Møn.  White cliffs, castles and manor houses, mix with beautiful beaches and small islands, and to the west there are some small but impressive fjords, lakes and harbours.
Bornholm is Denmark’s most easterly point, out in the Baltic Sea.    The island is sheltered by Sweden and has more daylight hours than the rest of the country; it also produces delicious fruit as well as having some great beaches.

Is a patchwork of villages full of thatched cottages, countryside, forests and orchards.

North Jutland is where the North Sea meets the Kattegat and the Limfjord, so there are a host of sand dunes, coves and sheer cliffs surrounded by green forests to explore.  The east is known as Fjord land, with great walks, spectacular views and dense forested areas.  There are also picturesque towns and the city of Århus all combining old and new perfectly.

The best time to visit Denmark is during the summer months; June to August, however a visit during spring or autumn will also offer visitors colourful scenery and mild weather.  If you have a motorhome rental or campervan hire go further a field; the whole country has something different to offer, these places are only just the start.  For more ideas, check out the ‘Top 10 places to visit’ or if you prefer something a little quieter ‘Off the Beaten track’, for some other great experiences in Denmark.

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