Egeskov Castle, Funen

Egeskov Castle, Funen

photo by Malene Thyssen (wikimedia commons)

Fantastic Roadtrips on Your Campervan Holiday

photo by Algkalv (wikimedia commons)Windmill at Årsdale, Bornholm Photo by Algkalv (wikimedia commons)

Denmark is probably THE best destination to write about fantastic roadtrips.  It’s so easy, why?  Because of the 3,500 Km Margueritruten, or Daisy Route.  A tourist route that covers the whole country and its not just touristy place, the route passes through every type of landscape.

The Daisy Route is simply the best way to see Denmark.  The route is easy to follow and is signposted by brown signs with white daisy motifs, it’s not just one direction either, and it can be followed in either way.

Founded in 1991 by Queen Margaret the II; who also chose the national flower of Denmark to mark a route, it has been popular with locals for many years.  It uses scenic roads to visit beautiful towns and villages and also passes near over 100 of the popular tourist attractions such as Egeskov Castle; Europe’s most well preserved Renaissance Castle, and a family favourite, Legoland

The route is actually made up of 14 different routes joined together.  One word of warning however for large motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicles;  you may need to deviate from this route at times as some of the roads are narrow or have some very low bridges, perhaps a good idea would be to get on a bike!

He is a link to the route (in Dutch, try using a translation tool) with many of the highlights.

This page allows you to pick an area and zoom in to see the towns and villages that you pass through; it even has GPS navigation tools. It takes time to work your way around the site but if you’re persistent it is very useful, including…..all the places that you can park, toilets, what’s on’s, and places suitable for BBQ’s.  Just select category and they all pop up, it’s quite incredible!  For those who prefer to use maps the guide is also available from the Danish Tourist Office.

A short snippet of a suggested itinerary from Copenhagen to Frederikshaven:  Pass through historic towns such as Vordingourg towards Mariobo.  Mariobo is set by the beautiful Sønder Lake, in the heart of Lolland. The 15th century town was built around its Abbey, the ruins of which can still be seen today.  Next stop is the port of Svendborg, lying southeast of the island of Funen.  The area has a rich nature reserve as well as being a favourite home to the German poet Bertolt Breech, who wrote the "Svendborg Poems".  Pass through Odense, and head for the town of Randers.  The Rainforest here features over 350 different kinds of plants and 175 species of animals that roam free under its three geodesic domes.  The last port of call before Fredrikshaven is the seaside resort and fishing port of Sæby, a great place to relax after al that driving.

The tourist route around Denmark was made for motorhome rental or campervan hire, it passes everything from tiny seaside villages to some of the big cities and as long as you follow the daisy you won’t go wrong.

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