Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge

photo by Dpol (wikimedia commons)

Getting off the Beaten Track

photo by Dr.Splif (wikimedia commons)Kronborg Castle Photo by Dr.Splif (wikimedia commons)

Denmark is a green and clean country to visit on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday.  Outside the main cities there are lots of small islands and countryside to explore; all considered off the beaten track.  Here are just a few suggestions.

Helsingor is around 35 minutes north of Copenhagen.  The Kronborg castle here was the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Even if you are not a fan, the castle is said to be one of the pettiest in Europe, so it’s worth visiting.

Sorgenfri is just north of Copenhagen and home to the Frilandsmuseet, or open air museum, the oldest in the world.  It’s not your standard museum though, it’s a collection of over 50 farms, houses and mills, all built between 1650 and 1950.  These buildings are original, transferred here, including the furniture, from wherever they were originally built.  The only things that have been recreated are the gardens or parcels of land!

Vejlerne appears to be in the middle of nowhere, but it is the home to a Nature Centre dedicated to birds, in fact, it’s the largest in Europe. The centre sits on a reclaimed piece of land and has lots of different habitats, including meadow, reed beds and lakes; bird heaven.  You can stroll around or watch, via binoculars, from the centre if the weathers not too good.

The island of Mors.  You can get here by a large bridge or a ferry, and it’s the place to visit if you enjoy incredible views and are interested in geology, as the island is famous for its deposits of diatomite.  The island also has a beautiful flower park, with over one million species of plants ranging from cacti and palms to roses and fruit trees.  The park also has its own butterfly farm, aviary and aquarium. If you travel to the northern tip of the island you will come to some amazing sheer white cliffs for those incredible views.

Mandø is another island south west of Jutland in the Wadden Sea.  Connected to the mainland by a causeway from Vester Vedsted, this area has some fascinating tidal marshes and extensive mud flats, and is home to a great number of birds.  The island is some times inaccessible at high tide, so don’t get caught out; especially as you’re in a hire vehicle.  If you prefer to leave you motorhome rental or campervan hire on dry land try taking the Mando Bus. This, in fact, is a double decker bus pulled by a tractor across the mud flats and even goes through the sea. How exciting!

These aren’t the most remote part of Denmark, as you can see, there are tourist attractions here, but they’re certainly not heaving with tourists, or even locals.

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