Motorhoming in Aalborg

Although Aalborg is a city, it’s a relaxed and happy place for visitors on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday.  The locals say they live ‘the good life’, and that’s clear when you spend time walking around the streets here.  There are a wide range of restaurants and bars, as well as other entertainment option;, it’s a really pleasant place to spend time.

Services for Motorhome Rental vehicles.
There are two campsites in Aalborg, right on the coast, and Lindholm Camping, slightly further away at Nørresundby.  All these sites are well equipped for visitors with motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicles.  The two sites at Aalborg are only 3 Km from the city centre, with the added benefit of being right on the waters edge.  Aalborg Family Camping Beach Park or Aalborg Familie Camping Strandparken, has great facilities for visitors travelling with children, and Aalborg Camping & Hytteø is a little quieter for those who prefer it that way.

Things to see and do

Aalborg isn’t a city with huge tourist attractions, but it does have some very different and interesting places to visit; below are just a few.

Aalbourg Castle and Dock.   This is where the Royal Yacht docks when the family are in residence.  It’s also the place to witness the ‘water staircase’ and somewhere to relax, as the area has recently undergone extensive renovations, and now has large public spaces and some great views of the castle.  Take a visit up to the castle and look out at the wonderful views from the top.  

For an evening of fun visit Aalborg’s Casino, it’s like being in Las Vegas itself.  The casino has gamming tables as well as slot machines, but be sure to comply with the ‘smart’ dress code and take some photo ID with you.

Visit the Pernod Ricard - Aalborg Destilleriet. A very famous name and most famous of all is the Aalborg Akavit, a clear, high octane spirit which the locals drink with herrings (they enjoy a glass whilst eating herrings, not inviting herrings round for a drink!)

Visit the Historical Museum.  The museum tells the story of the area over the last 1000 years and has some fascinating glass and silverware on display. This is the starting point for the historical walking tour of the city

The Monastery of the Holy Ghost, or Aalborg Kloster.  This is the oldest monastery in Denmark, and has been used as a hospital, Latin school and today as home to 40 senior citizens. The monastery is open to visitors to see the frescoes dating back to the 1500’s.

Visit the Franciscan Friary Museum.  Go underground to visit the well preserved medieval ruins of the monastery.  The cellar walls and foundations of the chapel are still clearly visible, and other parts of the building have been reconstructed for displays including treasures found during the excavations

Spend a few days in Aalborg on your trip of Denmark in your motorhome rental or campervan hire, and relax in this happy city.

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