Motorhoming in Aarhus

In the cultural heart if Jutland, on the eastern coast, Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest, perfectly preserved city, teaming with restaurants and entertainment and surrounded by beaches and woodland.  As with most cities, there are plenty of shopping opportunities, if you’ve brought enough cash that is, there are also monuments and museums.  If you are staying here on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday you will find enough to do for a few days, and then move out into the local countryside and explore what this beautiful region has to offer.
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Aarhus Camping is just 2.5 Km from the centre of Aarhus, on the outskirts of Lisbjerg. Built on the site of an old gravel pit, the site is surrounded by forest with plenty of level sites in both the shade and the sun, so you can take your pick.  The site is packed with facilities and also has a popular pond at the centre

Things to see and do

The top attraction of Aarhus is the Moesgard Museum of Prehistory, which has houses exhibits from the Stone Age to Vikings, its also home the oldest citizen of the city, the 2000-year-old Grauballe Man

The Aros Aarhus Kunstmuseum is situated right in the centre of Aarhus and is packed with interesting exhibits, especially in the basement, you’ll see.  There are interactive displays as well as ‘special temporary’ exhibitions and the building itself is extremely beautiful.

The Den Ganele BV, or National Open Air Museum of Urban history and culture is a great place to visit if you love old preserved buildings.  As the name suggest this museum is in the open air and comprises of a number of traditional buildings, however, you can go inside and see exhibits such as clothing from different periods as well as furniture, tableware and children’s toys.

Take a ride on a paddle steamer along the lakes of Silkebourg.  Experience a mini cruise around the lakes and canals during the summer. Sit back and relax as you pass some beautiful scenery.

One of the places to visit outside the city is Clausholm Castle and park, an hour’ drive from Aarhus. The castle is one of Denmark’s finest and best preserved baroque castles.  The castle is privately owned, but open to the public during the summer.

Having a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle in this area is the ideal way to spend a holiday.  There is just so much beautiful countryside around to explore.  This is the best way to experience Denmark, you are free to travel at your own pace and stop whenever you wish; without being bothered by crowds of tourists.  Take time here to relax and really appreciate the diversity of this wonderful country.

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