photo by Tomasz Sienicki (wikimedia commons)

The Best Danish Beaches

Photo by Mdangers (wikimedia commons)Vorupør Beach and Harbour Photo by Mdangers (wikimedia commons)

This is going to be interesting, the whole country is virtually surrounded by water and there are hundreds of islands too.  Here are just a few suggestions suitable for visitors with campervan hire or motorhome rental vehicle vehicles, but there are many many more, so if you don’t like these there are lots more to choose from!

  • Amager Beach is just five kilometres from the centre of Copenhagen.  It’s a brand new city beach with enough space for everyone, even if this is a densely populated area.  The huge beach is divided into two parts, the mainland side and an island which is connected by three bridges.  Both sides are ideal for swimming, sunbathing and there are some shallow spots for visitors with children, as well as areas set aside for lane swimming and rowing.
  • Ulbjerg Klint.  Is a great fjord beach and ideal for visitors who enjoy ‘natural’ beaches.  The area is surrounded by heather moorland and at the central point of the protected area there is a high cliff; which in May is covered with wild flowers.
  • The pristine beaches of the small peninsula of Torø; just over 125 acres of land, is only accessible on foot.  Visitors leave their vehicles at the nearby town and use a footbridge to access the beach.
  • The Tongue Albuen is heaven on earth for nature lovers. The tongue is a long length of sandy beach, which has been shaped by the wind to resemble a tongue surrounded by water.  The glorious white sand is just like something from the Caribbean; however it’s almost deserted at times and backed by sand dunes and long grass. The beach and surrounding areas have everything from boat trips to walks through the forest and moorland, perfect for families.
  • Nr. Lyngby Beach is a 9km sandy ‘blue flag’ beach which is surrounded by steep dunes. The westerly wind makes this beach particularly good for surfing. Cars are permitted to drive anywhere on the beach but don’t try it in you rental vehicle……Please!
  • There are no cars on Livø, so access is on foot by a ferry from Rønbjerg.  This is a specially preserved island with every type of Danish nature from meadows to juniper forests, moors, forests and a beautiful harbour.
  • Another untouched island is Hjortø, one of the smallest islands of the Funen archipelago.  This is anther unspoilt and preserved area of old half timbered farms with just 13 inhabitants, and the rare fire-bellied frog.   

Visitors on holiday in Denmark will find a huge array of places to stay with a campervan hire or motorhome rental vehicle, the number of campsites around the beach areas is high, and they all provide excellent facilities.

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