Yyteri beach, Finland

Yyteri beach, Finland

photo by Kallerna (wikimedia commons)

The Best Finnish Beaches

The Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki, Finland photo by Mysid (wikimedia commons)The Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki, Finland photo by Mysid (wikimedia commons)

Bet you’re thinking Finnish beaches?  Well yes, there are some very wonderful beaches in Finland. They may not all have rows of sun beds and parasols, little ice cream kiosks and arcades with slot machines but what they do have is beautiful clean water, incredible scenery and lots of space. There are also a wide range of beaches from sand to pebble and rock and then there are also the  beaches around the lakes, so if you have a campervan hire or motorhome rental vehicle check out some of the best Finnish beaches below. 

Hietaniemi or Hietsu Beach, Helsinki.  This is probably the most popular beach in Helsinki. There’s lots of soft sand and this is one of the beaches that does have all those popular beach amenities for families.  

The beaches around Suomenlinna, near Helsinki.  Named after the Suomenlinna fortress on an island of the same name, these are some more of Finland’s popular beaches.  There is a ferry here every 15 minutes from the mainland and lots of private spots to discover.  

Yyteri Beach, Pori.  Yyteri Beach is on of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast, long stretches of sand and also good for surfing and games such as beach volleyball. Don’t be put off by the city of Pori as it is rather industrialised, the beach is great.

Åland Islands. Beaches here are more rocky and partly wooded but with over 6500 islands to choose from you’re bound to find something suitable. Among the best are considered to be Karingsund, Sandviken and Degersand.

Naantali.  Situated along the west coast this beach is backed by some beautiful old villages. 

Hanko.  130km of coast with fine straight sand dunes suitable for windsurfing.

Lake Beaches

Tampere is a city built right between two lakes, Nasijarvi to the north and Pyhajarvi to the south.  These beaches have shallow water and plenty of shade from the woods behind, they also have volleyball courts and also places to explore.

Nudist Beaches

If you’re up for a bit of nudist bathing, Finland’s got it.  The most popular and official nudist beaches are:

Pihlajasaari Beach near Helsinki.  Located on an island this is a unisex beach for sunbathing only, its too rocky to get into the water

Seurasaari Beach.  Also in Helsinki but with separate areas for men and women.

Yyteri Beach, Pori.  Has a unisex nudist beach, nice soft sand and great for swimming too.

For visitors in Finland with a campervan hire or motorhome rental vehicle the opportunities are brilliant for staying right on the beach, and whether that beach is on the coast or inland at the lakes you always be able to find a secluded spot.

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