Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy

Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy

photo by Tango7174 (wikimedia commons)

Top 10 Travel Destinations France

photo by Julius Silver (wikimedia commons)East face of Mont Blanc Photo by Julius Silver (wikimedia commons)

Grab a motorhome rental in France and check out some of the well regarded destinations below.

Paris: No visit to France can be complete without spending a few days in the nation’s capital, Paris. Considered to be the most romantic city in the world, Paris has a tourist attraction beckoning visitors every few feet. From world famous museums and galleries; most notably among them the Louvre to splendid monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe; the city has all the flavors of a bustling metropolis coupled with the charm of an era gone by.

Versailles: Today the venue for parties and wedding ceremonies of the rich and the famous; the Versailles Palace was once the ultimate symbol of the opulence of the French Monarchs. Constructed under the patronage of Louis XIV; the magnificent Palace lies on the outskirts of Paris and a day trip should suffice to explore some of the dazzling mementos left behind by the rulers of France.

Mont Blanc: The term means ‘white mountain’ in English; Mont Blanc is the highest peak in France; lying in the famed Alps range between France and Italy; the area is very popular as a skiing and winter sports destination.

Mont St Michel: This is once again a post card monument of France; the symbolic structure is situated off the coast of Normandy and is one of the most popular tourist attractions of France after Paris. The cathedral is famed for its gothic style Abbey that overlooks a rocky outcrop below.

Carcassonne: Situated in the Languedoc region; Carcassonne is one of the larges walled cites in Europe and one of the finest remnants of medieval architecture. The town is complete with pointed turrets and towers all of which make the place look like a set for a Disney movie. Although there are no witches lurking in the shadow to cast a spell on you, Carcassonne is as close as you can get to the medieval times.

Chateaux de la Loire: There are several chateaux in the Loire Valley which was a famous hangout for French royalty and nobility from the 15th to the 18th century. There are several splendid chateaux constructed in the renaissance style; of the most popular castles in the Loire valley are the Chambord, the Château d’Amboise and Cheverny to name a few.

Lascaux: If you are an art enthusiast, you simply cannot afford to give this place a miss. The town boasts of some of the finest collections of prehistoric art in South West France.

Lourdes: The town s a popular pilgrimage spot and the numerous tourist who flock to it each year believe that if they are fortunate enough to sight the blessed Virgin Mary, they will be cured of all their maladies.

Disneyland: In stark contrast to Lourdes is Disneyland; the perfect destination for a day of fun and frolic. The amusement park has most rides that a visitor would see in Disney Land USA albeit with a French twist.

Normandy: The town commemorates the valiant soldiers who laid down their lives to thwart Hitler’s devious plan of world domination.

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