Best Beaches in Germany

wicker beach chairs in Bansin. photo by Hans Peter Mertenwicker beach chairs in Bansin. photo by Hans Peter Merten

When people think about a Germany as a vacation destination; they do not envision; long expanses of golden sand; with azure water lapping away at the shore line speckled with grass gone golden under the warm sun and that sets almost immaculately in the pristine waters of the Baltic and North Sea; although the beaches along the northern shoreline of the country are not half as popular as their Spanish or French counterparts; they are certainly no less inviting. Add to this the several dozen lakes and rivers and all of their shores which serve as thriving spots for some fun in the sun; and you can be sure are never too far from a water body in this country. And, the best way to explore them all is in your very own motor home; there are several Germany campervan hire establishments that offer state of the art vehicles that will be just right for the purpose.

With a motor home in hand; here are some of the popular beaches of Germany that you should not miss.

The Sylt: The beaches at this northernmost point of Germany are renowned the world over; most of them allow to experience pure ecstasy as you shed your inhibitions along with your swimming suit and go for a tan without lines. The mellow sun caresses your skin; while the water draws you into its blue arms and the sand tickles your toes; trying to remind you that although your surroundings may seem like paradise, you are still in Germany. If you are not the one for nudity and naturist lifestyle, you could also enjoy the miles of hiking and trekking tracks that the region has to offer; with some of the most diverse flora and fauna found in central Europe; if you are a nature enthusiast; you simply cannot afford to miss this region.

Frisian Islands- Helgoland; the group of Frisian Islands is easily accessible by a ferry through German towns on the shoreline; Helgoland is one among the group; the island boasts of some of the most sheltered and protected beaches in Europe; untouched by commercialization; the beaches are tranquil and simply perfect for a day spent languishing in the sun or frolicking in the water.

Heringsdorf: This area is very popular with tourists so expect to run into a crowd of beach goers perched on comfortable chairs or working on their sun kissed look as they lie on colorful towels. However, the area is ideal if your idea of a vacation involves water sports; with a coast line that extends to 12 kilometers; the area is beyond perfect for indulging in a host of beach activities.

Kühlungsborn: This s another area that offers a multitude of opportunities to indulge in water sports; add to this the fact that the area also has some of the most tranquil beaches in the country and its s not difficult to see why people line up to visit the picturesque seaside town of Ostsee.

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