View of Baltimore Beacon, Co. Cork

View of Baltimore Beacon, Co. Cork

photo by Ben Rudiak-Gould (wikimedia commons)

Cork Campervan Holiday

photo by Charlie cravero (Flickr Creative Commons)St Finbarre's Cathedral Photo by Charlie cravero (Flickr Creative Commons)

The city of Cork is the third largest city in Ireland; right behind Dublin and Belfast. The city eventually developed the reputation of an important sea port; however, it had humble beginnings on an island in a swampy estuary formed by the River Lee and eventually spread on the banks on all sides. Today the river traverses through the city in two main channels so Cork is full of bridges. Some of the major tourist attractions of the city are built over channels where ships anchored only a century ago. The hilly streets of the city wind up and down just like the tell tale accent of the people from Cork. The friendly Corkians with their talkative demeanor make the city the perfect location for a relaxing vacation

Camping in Cork

The city of Cork; like most major tourist destinations in Ireland, offers a host of camping options. Here is a look at the best places to park your campervan and enjoy a leisurely sojourn.

Blarney Camping and Caravan Park: This is an award winning camping ground with a ‘heart of country’ feel about it. Only an 8 km drive from the city of Cork; the secluded location and the vast expanse of land make it the perfect place for a family vacation. You also get an unhindered view of the Blarney castle from the surrounding countryside

Hungry Hill: This camping site in Adrigole, Co, Cork is set in the midst of stunning coastal scenery with verdant stretches of land surrounding it. The idyllic setting at the foot of the Healy pass make the park perfect for nature lovers and those who are looking for a tranquil vacation surrounded by peace and serenity.

Places to see in Cork

St Finbarre’s and St Mary’s Cathedrals: The two iconic cathedrals in the city of Cork, the St Finbarre’s serves as a place of worship for the protestants while the St Mary’s cathedral is the seat of the roman catholic church in the city. While St Finbarre’s is more popular, both structures are architectural wonders that should be explored when in Cork city.

St Patrick Street: Remodeled in 2000, the St Patrick Street is the main shopping area in Cork; the streets are pedestrian friendly and the architecture of the building that flank the street turn a regular shopping trip into visual adventure of sorts, The street has a peculiar curved shape because it was once a channel of the River Lee; adjacent to St Patrick Street is Cork’s very own version of the Champs Elysèes, a tree lined boulevard, called the Grand Parade.

Shandon Bells: The St Anne’s church and steeple are very popular tourist attractions with the steeple scaling a height of 37 meters adorning the skyline of Cork. The church has chime of 8 bells and a clock that is affectionately nicknamed the four faced liar because the east and west facings have a time variation.

Cork City Gaol: Although not a regular tourist attraction, the Cork City Gaol is a must visit place for anybody interested in the history of the area; the impressive audio system makes it possible for visitors to hear the suffering of the prisoners that were incarcerated here.

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