Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

photo by freakyman (Flickr Creative Commons)

Motorhome Holiday Dublin

photo by Donaldytong (wikimedia commons)Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin Photo by Donaldytong (wikimedia commons)

Dublin, the capital of the republic of Ireland is a city like no other where the grandiose of nature, the opulence of an era long gone and the delights of modern living blend almost seamlessly. Dublin is not just about its numerous tourist wonders but also about its friendly inhabitants who welcome people from the world over with open arms, treating them to the best that their country has to offer. You will never want for happening activity in this beloved Irish city that sees throngs of tourists at its shores each year.

The streets bustle with numerous pubs, restaurants and bars while the literary and artistic appeal of its theater and museums are enough to attract connoisseurs from across the globe. Ranked 23rd in the list of global financial centers, the city is situated on the east coast of the island overseeing the rippling azure waters of the Irish Sea. Dublin has so many fabulous things to offer whether it’s the aesthetic appeal of the city or its culinary excellence that the best way to explore the sights and sounds of the city is in your very own motor home that you can easily rent it from one of the several campervan rental establishments in the country.

Camping in Dublin

The city has some of the best campervan parks that you will see anywhere in Europe, complete with every facility and amenity that you will need to make your stay comfortable, some of the popular camper grounds in and around Dublin include:

Camac Valley Tourist Caravan and Camping Park: Set amidst nature, Camac Valley is an award winning camping ground that offers hordes of facilities such as a play ground, 24 hour security, restaurants etc. 

North Beach caravan and Camping Park: As the name suggests, you can use the park to be as close to the city of Dublin as you can yet be surrounded by the glorious Irish coast and the waters of the Irish Sea. Very close to the N1 and the M1; this is the closest park to the Dublin Airport hence there are numerous public transportation facilities in the area.

Places to see in Dublin

There is certainly no dearth of places to the see in Dublin and here is a list of some of its choicest attractions

The Custom House: As you amble across the 100 years old streets of Dublin, you will come upon monument after monument, one of which is the Custom House, a magnanimous structure; it currently houses the Department of Environment. The architectural detail such as the 14 keystone heads stand for the 13 Irish rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. The mammoth structure offers an idealistic opportunity to start your tour of Dublin.

The Dublin Castle: Built more than 800 years ago; the castle has withstood many a historical events. Once the seat of King John, the fortress was perfect for defense as well as administration. A visit to the castle is ideal if you would like a glimpse into Ireland’s past.

Christ church: One of the most beautiful structures that adorns the city of Dublin; the Christ church was once the most important building in the city as the man church of the English empire. The massive structure is perched on a hilltop overlooking the wood quay and its grounds are home to the Dublinia, a popular Viking museum.

Trinity College: If you are a literature aficionado, a visit to the famed Trinity College is definitely in order; established as the first University in Ireland, there was a time when the school only allowed protestant students at its gates; however in time Catholics were also accepted in the university and today the institution is well known the world over for its educational standards.



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