Top Ireland Motorhome Roadtrips

photo by atomicpuppy68 (Flickr Creative Commons)Waterfall in Donegal Photo by atomicpuppy68 (Flickr Creative Commons)

Ireland boasts of some of the most diverse landforms in Europe; one minute your are driving through a valley with the mountains that surround your path offering gentle reprieve from the sunlight and the very next you will be on top of a hill that affords you the most panoramic view of the scenery that cradles the road.

It would be very cumbersome to pick one road on the island that is not a visual and aesthetic treat; a poem of nature. And what better way to experience Mother Nature in all her glory than to drive on these spectacular routes in your very own campervan; there are numerous establishments all over the island that offer motor home rentals.

So, here is a look at some of the most scenic roads on the island that will enthrall your senses as you drive along.

Grange to Sligo

This s by far the most scenic road on an land that is well known for its natural beauty; a picture perfect route that starts at Grange and you drive through the North Sligo area; the path takes you around the Gleniff Horseshoe and past the Truskmore; affording a spectacular and panoramic view of the limestone cliff at every turn.

Killybegs to Donegal:

This road takes you to the west from the quaint town of Killybegs; to the left you get an exclusive view of the spectacular seascapes while the Crownarad and Mulnanaff mountains loom large in front of you. If you leave the main road and take the left, you will come up on a small coast road that is not very board but it has some of the most breath taking scenery in the region. The route takes you through deep plunges and eventful climbs, mimicking the feel of being on a roller coaster with nature as your partner in the ride; the delightful views that you can enjoy from various perspectives is worth every minute that you spend on this road.

Sligo, Sligo: Tour of Yeats Country

This country side has been immortalized in the words of WB Yeats while the beauty of the stunning bounties of nature were captured on canvas by his brother Jack B Yeats , so enamored were the Yeats brothers by the spectacular aesthetic appeal of the area that they nicknamed it the “ Land of Heart’s Desire” and it truly is just that


The ancient Barony of Gaultier is well known for it craggy, jagged cliffs that rise from amidst rows of rolling hills; the area has a lot to offer to the discerning traveler. The quaint, narrow, country roads are perfect for a bicycle ride and the Bell Lake offers ample of fishing opportunities or you could simply catch a peaceful amble up the Minuan

Letterkenny, Donegal

This route winds through deep bays and stunning peninsular scenery with an ancient Celtic castle added in for good measure; the area boasts of one of the most diverse nature reserves. The drive along this road is very becoming as the Muckish Mountains preside over your path


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