Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

photo by Sudodana2048 (wikimedia commons)

Take a Italy Motorhome Rental Holiday

Tuscany, Orcia Valley, photo by, Orcia Valley, photo by

Un paese molto bello, a very beautiful country, in fact everything about Italy is beautiful. The countryside, the cities, the people and the food, that’s why many of the locals choose to holiday at home.  It may surprise you to know that motorhome rental is extremely popular not just with foreign visitors but with the Italians themselves, so why not see what all the fuss is about.

One of the most popular areas for campervan hire is in the north around Lake Garda with its breathtaking mountains and of course picturesque lakes.  Rome is also a popular place to spend some time as well as the areas around Venice. For those with a little more time, the scenic route from the north down to Sicily is a must do and there are plenty of opportunities to visit some wonderful places on the way down.  There are many benefits to campervan hire in Italy, it gives you somewhere to have a knap after that long five course lunch with wine, it allows you to stop for as long as want without the need to find a hotel, or best of all it allows you to travel at your own pace.  Italians are known for their crazy driving but in a motorhome you are king of the road and they certainly won’t argue with you if they’re driving a Fiat 500!

In Italy there a few choices when it comes to overnighting, there are the traditional campsites and farms, the motorway service areas (which have some very good facilities) and ‘Aree di Sosta’ or Areas of Pause.  The Aree di Sosta are usually provided by the local commune or the motorhome club and offer all the usual facilities of fresh water and somewhere for emptying waste tanks, some will be free of charge, others will make a charge (depending on the facilities offered).

You may think that motorhome rental in Italy is going to be difficult if you don’t speak any Italian; this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact the staff at the rental point will all speak English and when you get out onto the open road you will find that language won’t be a barrier at all.  You will spend hours talking to the locals if you can throw in the odd Italian word here and there and the rest of the time just use you hands, you will be amazed what a smile and a nod will do.  

Here are just a few of the words that will come in handy in relation to campervan hire.

Acqua potabile: Drinking water
Scarico: Unload, dump
WC chimico: Chemical toilet
Pagamento: Payment
Gratis: Free
Parchimetro: Parking metre
Biglietto: Ticket
Passo carrabile: No parking
Senza uscita: No exit
Uscire: Exit

For an incredible holiday that will give you so many opportunities to see something different everyday, try a motorhome or campervan holiday in Italy, you can’t go wrong.

For more information on Aree di Sosta visit the link below which gives detailed locations for motorhome and campervan stopovers.  The page is in Italian but a translation tool will easily change it into something you can understand.

Italy Geography

Shaped like a boot, Italy starts off resembling its neighbours Austria, Switzerland and France.  There are beautiful mountains and chalet type houses in the foothills of the Alps and a million miles apart from the fashionable cities of Milan and Turin a little further down.  The north also has fashionable seaside resorts and one of the tourist hotspots for motorhome rentals, the lakes.  Further to the east be one of the 12 million tourists who visit Venice each year, but Venice is not the only reason to visit this side of Italy, there are beautiful mountains and the Po Valley.

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Italy Road Trips

Italy is full of fabulous road trips for campervan hire vehicles, itineraries can be mixed and matched to create trips from a week up to a month. These are some of the most popular and easily combined sectors.

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Motorhoming in Milan

Milan is Italy’s most dynamic city, the centre of all things financial and fashionable.  Milan’s not known for its sunshine, but what it lacks in the weather department it makes up for in shopping experiences, art and some wonderful architecture.

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Motorhoming in Pisa

Pisa is often combined with a trip to its more popular neighbour Florence, however there are a few things to do here and because it’s a place where most people come on a day trip.  Here you will find that it’s easier to find a nice uncrowded spot to stay if you have a campervan hire or motorhome rental vehicle.

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Motorhoming in Rome

Italy’s capital and the countries largest city, Rome is brimming with over two thousand years of history.  The centre of the Catholic religion, the home to some of the most famous works of art and sculptures and probably one of the most historic cities in the world, this is a place where you could spend weeks and still not scratch the surface.

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Motorhoming in Venice

Venice is a tourist city, but go beyond the ‘must see’ sights and explore some of the quieter spots.

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Motorhoming in the Italian Lakes

Italy’s Lake District has three major lakes and many other smaller ones.  Garda, Maggiore and Como are the three most popular and great places to visit for people with motorhome rental vehicles or campervan hire.  These are cosmopolitan resorts and where the city dwellers from the north like to spend time so hotels are grand and expensive.  

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Off the Beaten Path in Italy

A motorhome rental or campervan hire is a fantastic way to experience some of Italy’s fantastic undiscovered areas; in fact those in the know often like to keep these areas a secret for themselves.  Without giving too much away and just for those who want a taste of what the real Italy is all about these are a few ‘little gems’.

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The Best Italian Beaches

Italy has three kinds of beach, the secluded kind; usually stony, the sandy ones with ‘Sea Beds’ or Sun beds, umbrellas and beachside snack bars, volleyball and kids animation teams and the beaches of the lake resorts.  Which ever you choose during the July and August they are guaranteed to be busy with not only foreign tourists but locals as well because the Italians love to take the family to the beach.

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Top Ten Places to Visit in Italy

Italy and its islands of Sicily and Sardinia are filled with fantastic places to visit for holiday makers with a motorhome rental. Picking just 10 of the best is difficult however these are probably the most universally famous to start with.

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