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Pureora Forest Park - Photo by Thomas Camp, Flickr Creative CommonsPureora Forest Park - Photo by Thomas Camp, Flickr Creative Commons

The township of Taumarunui, situated at the meeting place of the Whanganui and Ongarue Rivers, in the heart of a province known as the King Country.  Taumarunui was an important centre to local Maori, providing a path to the sea via the mighty Whanganui River. As legend has it, the river was carved by Mt Taranaki, who after a losing a battle with Mt Tongariro over the Central Plateau’s fairest maiden mountain, Pihanga, fled west towards the setting sun, his sheer bulk carving the Whanganui River, which he filled with tears.

These days the river is one of Taumarunui’s greatest recreational assets, and kayaking tours regularly depart from its remote upper stretches near Taumarunui, and journey downriver to Pipiriki, taking around three to five days. Taumarunui is the largest town in the Ruapehu District and is a good place stock up on supplies, and play a scenic round of golf. A short journey south of the town leads to a couple of well known features on the North Island Main Trunk Railway: the Raurimu Spiral, an internationally recognised engineering achievement built to negotiate a 220-metre escarpment, and Pokaka, the site where the last spike was driven in by Sir Joseph Ward in 1908, thereby completing the North Island section of track.

To the north-east lies the Pureora Forest Park where a range of walks and mountain biking tracks allow easy access to mature stands of native trees and bird life.

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