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Photo by Phil Armitage / wikimedia commonsBriksdalsbreen, part of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier-Photo by Phil Armitage / wikimedia commons
For those who prefer the ease and freedom of motorhome vacations, Norway is an ideal destination. Long stretches of uninterrupted road, dazzling natural wonders and an interesting local culture means lots to see and do as you drive around the country. Norway has a longstanding tradition of motorhome vacations and has significant infrastructure in place to make the ride in your RV fun and painless. The country's tourism bureau has even set up a website that outlines some of the more popular road routes for travellers. If you choose a motorhome vacation not only will you be opting for the economical choice, but you will also save yourself the hassle of packing and unpacking along the way. Add to that the charm of the open road--and the freedom to choose whatever itinerary strikes your fancy--and what you end up with is a recipe for a great vacation and a perfect way to explore the vast beauty of Norway.

Norway can be found in the northern reaches of Europe, north of the Arctic Circle, and during the last ice age this land was covered in a sheet of ice. The country's coastline runs for over 20,000 kilometres along the Norwegian, North and Barents Seas as well as the Skagerrak inlet and its land is bordered by Sweden, Finland and Russia. In 9,000 BC the first humans settled this land of Vikings, which became a kingdom in 900 AD and introduced its constitution in 1814. This Scandinavian country is populated by vast mountain ranges and boasts a rugged coastline with many fjords, which are slim alley-like stretches of water that run between two cliffs. If you decide on renting a motorhome to tour Norway you will be among the many who visit the country to gaze in wonder at its imposing Scandinavian Mountains, pristine waters, glaciers and other unblemished natural wonders.

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If you travel in Norway during the summer months you will be able to experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun, the length of which depends on where you are in the country. For example, if you're in the Nordland area you can experience perennial daylight from June 12 to July 1, while the sun does not set for a full six months in the North Pole. You can also choose to supplement your exploration of the Norwegian coast by taking a cruise (perhaps to the bird island of Stappan?) or guided safari. Or choose to experience the bustling urban life of cities like Oslo and the charming architecture of towns such as Ålesund. You will also be able to find great hiking, fishing and golf here. Of course, any visit to Norway wouldn't be complete without visiting the country's gorgeous lakes and mountains (including Galdhopiggen, the country's highest peak) and it's various fjords and glaciers such as Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in the Northern part of Europe. While on your drive you will also likely want to visit the highest vertical mountain wall in Europe, the Trollveggen Mountain Wall, and take the Trollstigen Mountain Road, one of the most beautiful and visited routes in the country.

Read on to find out all about the not-to-be-missed places in Norway plus tips to make the most of your motorhome holiday in this stunningly beautiful land.

10 Must-Sees in Norway

In no particular order ten things and places (as well as a bonus!) that should be on your must-see list during your campervan trip through Norway

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Bergen to Oslo Road Trip

Norway is often a forgotten country as European vacations go, but with its excess of greenery and stunning natural beauty, not to mention its history, Norway is definitely a great place to take a road trip. The road stretching between Bergen and Oslo is a gasp-a-minute where gorgeous vistas are concerned, and you’ll also get to enjoy bustling city life upon arrival. On your way back to Bergen you can enjoy the picturesque waterfront in Kristiansand and the history in Stavanger, Rogaland.

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Norway - Bergen

There are several cities in Norway worth parking your campervan rental for and Bergen is certainly among them. Norway's second largest city is chalk full of activities, exciting sights, and both natural and architectural marvels. Whether you're haggling at the Bergen Fish Market or taking a ride up the nearby mountain in a funicular, you won't find yourself bored in the Gateway to the Fjords. Established in 1070, during the time of the Vikings, Bergen is not only a city that can lead you to many other beautiful places, but is also full of history and culture that will entice you stay awhile and enjoy.

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Norway - Hammerfest

If you want a unique destination for your Norway motorhome vacation then point your camper towards Hammerfest and go. A part of the Norway's Finnmark county this area is wide and includes the islands of Seiland, Kvaløya and Sørøya. Recently unearthed graves show that humans settled this area in the Stone Age and in later centuries Hammerfest was an important place for hunting and fishing. Despite its long history the town was only established in 1789 by Christian VII of Denmark-Norway. One of the world's northernmost cities Hammerfest's temperatures are surprisingly bearable (the mean annual temperature is 2 °C). Hammerfest t is the perfect place to visit if you want to see natural wonders like the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun, to participate in sports like hiking and fishing, or just to relax and drink in the quiet that comes from having travelled to the end of the world.

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Norway - Oslo

While Rome, London and Paris may share the praise as some of Europe's most visited cities, Norway's capital city is more of a hidden gem. The perfect place for those who love the natural world, Oslo is a bustling metropolis built on mountains with many beautiful parks, gardens and forested areas to explore. The city, which was founded by Vikings in the 11th century, has an urban centre that offers much in the way of diversion including theatres, museums and restaurants. Visit Oslo and you can spend days marveling at the way the city's modern glass structures have been erected amidst charming Neoclassical architecture. The perfect place for both the urbanite and nature lover, Oslo is a magnificent city that you shouldn't miss during your Norway motorhome vacation.

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Norway - Trondheim

Trondheim is a city of history and museums, ancient structures and natural beauty. Visit in the summer for seemingly endless days and gorgeous sunsets over the River Nidelva at night. The central Norwegian city is easily accessible and an ideal stop on your Norway motorhome vacation. It is also a great starting point for a beautiful coastal drive in your rented campervan. First settled in 997 by the Viking King Olav Tryggvason, Trondheim was established as a Norwegian municipality in 1838. Today the city is a hub of education, research, technology and science, and is full of old winding streets, charming architecture and bustling cafes and pubs, just waiting to be enjoyed.

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Norway Geography

One of the main reasons that travellers flock to Norway is the abundance of natural beauty in this Northern European country, located at the tip of the Scandinavian peninsula. Here you will find majestic mountains and pristine waters, as well as glaciers and fjords created over millenia. There is no better way to traverse the long stretches of Norwegian road than by motorhome, stopping when you please to discover the dazzling splendor of the area's green valleys and imposing peaks.

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Norway Road Trip Routes

Norway is a country filled with natural beauty and a variety of attractions to satisfy every type of tourist. If you're planning a motorhome trip in Norway there are several different routes to choose from and countless things to see and do. From the museums in Oslo and the country's medieval wooden stave churches to gorgeous beaches and imposing summits, the list is really varied and endless. For nature lovers there are majestic fjords and glaciers (Jostedalsbreen is the largest in Europe) as well as stunning waterfalls like Vøringsfossen and tons of hiking and climbing, fishing and swimming to be done. Along the way you may also want to stop in at towns like the tiny and charming Røros, located in the mountains near the Swedish border, or the harbour village of Bergen, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read on for some recommended routes to make your Norway motorhome trip truly unforgettable.

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Norway's Beaches - Discover the Three Best Areas for Sun and Sand

When most people think of Norway they tend to think of snow and mountains, fjords and glaciers, but the country also has a hidden secret: beautiful beaches! While the swimming season is admittedly short (summers only due to Norway's Arctic temperatures), your choice of beaches won't be. Norway's pristine coastline offers a myriad of options perfect for your campervan road trip.

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Off The Beaten Track Destinations in Norway

While most popular tourist spots draw people for a reason it's a great feeling when you happen upon a beautiful place not overrun by visitors wielding cameras and where there isn't a long line in sight. If you're looking for unique, often overlooked gems to discover while touring in your motohome rental then Norway is the ideal destination for you. The country offers a variety of off-the-beaten track destinations perfect for your Norway campervan vacation that are sure to ignite your imagination.

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