Boat-Houses at Selje

Boat-Houses at Selje

photo by Frokor (wikimedia commons)

Norway's Beaches - Discover the Three Best Areas for Sun and Sand

photo by Godztian (wikimedia commons)View of Stavanger's city center photo by Godztian (wikimedia commons)
When most people think of Norway they tend to think of snow and mountains, fjords and glaciers, but the country also has a hidden secret: beautiful beaches! While the swimming season is admittedly short (summers only due to Norway's Arctic temperatures), your choice of beaches won't be. Norway's pristine coastline offers a myriad of options perfect for your campervan road trip.

Selje, Western Norway
On Norway's western coastline lies the charming town of Selje, in the district of Nordfjord. This picturesque, sandy area is easily accessible by roads from the larger towns of Bergen and Oslo, perfect for those travelling in a motorhome rental. If you are arriving from Oslo take the E16 and if heading in from Bergen you can take the E39. Selje, with its sand and quaint harbour, is definitely worth the trip. The best part? This area is relatively unknown to tourists so you can enjoy sun, surf and relaxation.

You should also note that other beaches in the area like Kollevågen on the island of Askøy (the location of the Lost Music Festival every August), as well as Mauren (near Alesund) and Hjertøya in Molde are all clothing optional.

Stavanger, South-Western Norway Some of Norway's most popular beaches are located in this southern part of the country. Want pristine white sand? Then this is the location for you. There are also several beaches to choose from in and around Stavanger including Vigdel, Orrestranda, Vaulen, Godalen and Hellestø. If you want hip--and usually crowded--then Solastrand is for you. A little farther on are Orre and Bore (Klepp), the longest sand stretches in the area, which are often much less crowded than some of the other beaches.

The great part for those travelling by campervan is that these beaches are all within fifteen to forty minutes from Stavanger, meaning that if you're in the area for a few days there's ample time to discover more than one. Travelling along the 509, 44 or 507 will allow you to view several of the beaches from the road in order to help you decide just where to plant your beach umbrella.

Oslo Area, Eastern Norway If you want a mini-getaway after discovering the beauty of the city of Oslo then you're in luck. Head down to the Bygdøy peninsula where you'll have your choice of pretty beaches including Paradisbukta and Huk, a clothing optional sandy paradise.

So pack your bikini, sunscreen and flip flops, jump into your campervan and hit the road. All you have to worry about is narrowing down your choices. Deciding which Norwegian beach to visit first will likely be the most harrowing decision you will have to face during your Norway motorhome vacation.

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